Getting your nails painted every week or two is the norm, and so is leaving the polish on for the next three, especially if you love your gel manicures.

The trouble however, starts when you take them off – unsightly, yellow nails, most likely caused by a reaction between the polish and your nail plate. And sometimes, the toenails look even worse, given the covered shoes and ballet flats us OLs are so used to.

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Matthew Williamson London Spring 15

There are many ways to prevent and solve the problem. Wearing a base coat is one, and apparently, soaking bare nails in lemon juice, or a peroxide and baking soda concoction will help to whiten them, too.

But why not save yourself the hassle – who doesn’t like a quick fix, right – and try these two nail gels that promise to have them looking brighter in two weeks, depending on your nail condition.

#1 Locycare Nail Gel
$19.90 for 15g, at selected Watsons and Unity stores

Locycare Nail Gel How to keep brittle and damaged nails healthy after gel manicure.png

This new product from dermatology company Galderma claims to restore water content to damaged nails and improve nail discolouration. It also contains Artemisia leaf extract that has an antimicrobial action. My nails are looking “pinker” from applying this before bed for two days, though twice-a-day application is recommended.

#2 Kerasal Nail
$29.90 for 10g, at selected Watsons stores

Apart from hydrating your nails and improving discolouration, this one claims to smooth uneven and rough surfaces of brittle nails with Lactic Acid, too. You only need to apply this gel solution on your nails once a day, preferably before bed. Results should show after a minimum of two to three weeks of frequent use.