2 tips you need to curl your hair  make it last all day in Singapore B.pngImage: Showbit

Curling hair in humid ol’ Singapore can seem like an exercise in futility: Full and flouncy one moment, deflated and dejected the second you step out into the searing heat.     

Don’t let the scorching climate cramp your style. Here’s how to beat the heat and stand head over shoulders above the morose manes of the majority, starting with what you shouldn’t do:

TIP #1. Never swap your regular curling iron for a smaller one, because smaller curls won’t fall into the soft waves we’re gunning for here. Instead, the rigid ringlets from smaller curling irons tend to puff up like pasta over the course of the day.

The regrettable result? Sad stringy strands that look like soggy Maggi mee. Not a good look, by any means.

TIP #2. Instead, the trick to bagging a buoyant bounce is to opt for a generously sized curler that requires you to wrap your hair around the barrel just twice, then – and this is the crucial bit – spritz on a good prepping spray over each section of hair before running it through the curler.  

Keeping the top of your head sleek and smooth, grab sections of hair at ear height and coil around a good curling iron; try Philips’ excellent Easy Natural Curler or Panasonic’s Ionity Hair Curling Iron.

Wait three seconds for each section to set – and I really do mean three seconds; anything more and you’ll lose the looseness we’re aiming for – then release the curls from the spirals and separate by running your fingers through them.

Finish with a swift spritz of a shine-boosting setting spray over each section again. Run your fingers through the ends once more, and you’re done!

So, to recap: For curls that’ll last through the day and beyond, mist your mane before crimping, then set with a final blast of setting spray. Have lots of follicular fun!

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