2 steps  3 minutes to Korean-style soft eyeliner for the office B.pngImage: 3CE

Leery of liquid liner pots and the potential puddles of spilt product? Skip the fluid formulas: You only really need a solid workwoman-ready pencil eyeliner to create this OL-friendly look that’s oh-so-Korean and utterly ulzzang.

Softly smudged liner is “eye-catching” but not OTT like a full-on smoke on the lids – best of all, it’s also incredibly easy to pull off. “If you don’t have time to draw in your standard winged liner, this time-saving look is for you,” notes professional face painter Zhuo Ai Yi from Makeup Entourage.

2 steps  3 minutes to Korean-style soft eyeliner forClio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner.png

There’s not much in the way of equipment, either. The only #swag you’ll need on hand is a (preferably water-resistant) creamy pencil in a delicious cocoa hue; I like Clio’s Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in No. 16 Black Brick, $18.90, or 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eye Liner in #13 Caffeine.

Ready to prettify your peepers? Let’s go!

Step 1. With a steady hand, rim the entire upper lash and the outer third of your lower lash, following your eye’s curvature and getting as close to your lash line as possible. (You can use an angled eyeliner brush to pick up the pigments, but straight from the pencil is perfectly fine, too.)

Restraint is of the essence here. Don’t wing it out; rather, stop lining at the farthest end of your natural lash line.

Step 2. After you’ve reached the tail end of your line, work backwards to the inner eye again to thicken the line, gently sweeping your pencil nub in a windscreen wiping motion. This delicate diffusion of colour creates a soft wash that’s very Korean indeed.  

2 steps  3 minutes to Korean-style soft eyeliner for the office b2.png

Optional: You can use an angled sponge to smudge the line, but going back and forth with your pencil ought to do the trick in and of itself. And you’re done! With a little practice, the entire exercise should take you no more than three minutes, tops.

Some final notes: Consider sticking to a clean canvas for a super minimalist take. All you need to finish your face is a kiss of nude blusher, maybe a little mascara and a slick of gloss on the lips.

Voila! Elegant, easy and very “visionary”, in every sense of the word. Beats your conventional cat eye, right? Have fun loosening up!

Want more? Complement your pretty peepers by framing them with adorably bushy K-Beauty brows, and all without committing to a tattoo parlour, too.