$60 for 10 x 30ml bottles, from Astalift stores

The latest supplement drink from the Fujifilm-owned company contains low-molecular weight fish-derived collagen that supposedly will be more easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C and rice extract ceramides are also stirred in to boost the effectiveness of the collagen drink. The amino acid ornithine is added to boost growth hormones which, in turn, firm skin.

The 46-calorie caffeine-free drink comes in a tasty peach flavour.

$160 for a box of 105 capsules to be taken over five weeks, from Ioma counters

The result of a decade of research at consumer goods conglomerate Unilever (which has a stake in Ioma), this capsule is made to smoothen the appearance of wrinkles.

The brand’s claims: Collagen production happens deep in the skin, so topical products are unlikely to reach it, while ingested collagen seems to be ineffective.

Ioma’s capsules do not contain collagen. Instead, they are made with soya isoflavones and omega 3 fatty acids, which may support collagen synthesis; vitamin C which is crucial to the production of collagen; as well as vitamin E to protect the skin.

This story was first published on The Straits Times Urban on June 12, 2015. 

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