One of our beauty resolutions this year is to style our hair more often, so we’re starting this off with a style we all know so well – the French braid.

Here are two easy ways to update it:

Do the upside down french braid.

Af Vandevorst Paris S15 2 Easy ways to update your French braid.png

Af Vandevorst Paris Spring 15

Flip your hair over and start braiding from the hair at the nape of the neck. Once the braid reaches close to the crown of your head, secure it with an elastic band. Use an elastic band that’s thin and easy to conceal, because you will have to tuck it in inside your braid. Pin the excess hair down and you’re done! This is great for girls with short hair too.

This style looks a lot more complicated than the first hairdo, but it’s actually easier. You can achieve this look by starting your French braid at a level just slightly above your ears, braiding with two strands from the side of your face and a thin strand in the centre.

Suno New York Spring 15

In the classic French braid, you add sections by taking hair from the sides of your face all the way to the centre, but in this case, only take small sections of hair from the outside like you would in a fishtail braid. You should keep them as thin as possible, so it looks as if the rest of your hair naturally “falls through” the braid.

It sounds a lot harder than it looks, but try it, you won’t regret it!