We all know what Singapore’s hot and humid weather does to our makeup. Just a few hours in the sun and our concealer cakes up, foundation melts off and our dewy skin starts looking oily instead.

If you’re the sort to immediately reach for a powder to fix that shiny forehead, however, you’ve got it all wrong.

 Jo No Fui Milan Fall 13

Here are two ways you should be touching up your foundation this Chinese New Year:

That’s right ladies, it’s actually that easy. Just grab a piece of tissue paper and dab very lightly on the oilier parts of your face. It’ll do enough to take the shine away and still keep your makeup looking dewy and radiant.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what makeup artist Dollei Seah says: “A lot of girls don’t know this. All you need to do is take a tissue paper and dab it off, because when you add powder, you will start getting cracks, unevenness and patchy skin.”

It’s even more important for you to use this method of taking away excess oil if you’re using a BB cushion or a serum foundation. You don’t want to ruin the radiant finish with a matte powder, but if you really feel that you need the extra coverage, then move onto tip #2.

During outdoor photoshoots, Dollei first blots off the excess oil with a tissue paper, then takes some liquid foundation and applies it with a sponge in light dabs.

For us clutch and mini bag fans however, it’s pretty unrealistic to be carrying an entire bottle of liquid foundation around. So Dollei recommends adding some liquid foundation to a disposable makeup sponge and keeping it in a clean re-sealable bag. It’ll make it much easier to bring around, and you can just throw away the sponge when you’re done.

If you feel a little iffy about bringing a sponge around, you can always opt for a BB cushion – simple!

See, no need for compact powders and mists for an all-day radiant finish.

Photography: Wong Weiliang; Art direction: Niki Bruce; Styling: Hong Xinying, assisted by Bernice Lam; Hair and makeup: Dollei Seah and Evelyn Liu of Makeup Entourage (9111 1919), using Redken and Shu Uemura; Model: Liu Yijun/ Nu Models

Dollei Seah can be contacted at www.makeupentourage.com.