Nip + Fab is a fabulously fun brand that we like for their lovely packaging and wallet-friendly, easy-to-use products – and we think you should check them out for yourselves, too. We’ve put together a greatest hit compilation of the cult favourite’s best products – and the whole lot is yours to win!

1. Bust Fix, $29.90 for 100ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This is a non-invasive alternative for chests that could do with a little augmentation. The featherweight serum smoothens and plumps up your neckline and cleavage using a botanical complex of ingredients that Nip + Fab says encourages the enlargement of fat cells in the bust – just about the only place where fat is welcome! Mangosteen and other active plant extracts deeply hydrate and improve skin elasticity for a flattering lifting effect.

2. Cellulite Fix, $29.90 for 150ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

A firm favourite – pun alert! – that we like to use as a nightly lotion, massage this light-as-air gel into your problem areas to iron out the appearance of orange peel skin. This targeted sculpting treatment contains a potent duo of caffeine and Indian forskolin, a medicinal herb, which Nip + Fab says work in tandem to improve micro-circulation and help with the breakdown of fat in the dermis and for smoother, less dimpled skin with faithful use.

3. Tummy Fix, $29.90 for 100ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

We work hard for our trim tummies – but some extra help is always welcome. After a good hour’s worth at the gym, we like to take a nice soak in the tub and then knead in this tummy-tightening formula for an added abdominal boost. This Nip + Fab bestseller contains an active complex dubbed AmaraShape, essentially a combination of caffeine, an anti-inflammatory agent, and the stimulant synephrine, which is said to encourage the body’s breakdown of adipose tissue in hard-to-target areas like your stomach, buttocks and thighs.

4. Upper Arm Fix, $21.90 for 100ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

We like to believe that smoothing in this tingly gel will hasten the departure of the pesky flab on our upper arms – coupled with a sensible diet and regular workouts, of course. With Nip + Fab’s active complex Amarashape and a gentle exfoliating agent to slough off skin-dulling dead skin, we massage this onto our arms and calves under our body lotion before bedtime for it to work its sculpting magic overnight. 

5. Shine Fix, $19.90 for 15ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This is a great product to have on standby in Singapore’s humid weather. A dual-purpose anti-shine and anti-spot treatment, this lovely, lightweight gel contains a whole host of skin-loving ingredients.

Sebum-absorbing microsponges tamp down the shine, while an acne-soothing Seboclear complex with antibacterial plantain extract and an anti-inflammatory and pore-tightening agent courtesy of nettle extract, we dab this around our T-zone area for fresher, longer-lasting makeup.

6. Dark Circle Fix, $29.90 for 15ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This eye cream works hard to keep signs of fatigue at bay. A red algae extract is said to boost microcirculation zeroes in on dark circles, while a duo of special peptides and comforting shea butter deeply moisturises the delicate eye area to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Use your ring finger to pat in a pea-sized amount before makeup in the morning and after cleansing at night.

7. Spot Fix, $19.90 for 15ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This anti-blemish gel hits spots in all the right spots. With a gentle exfoliating action thanks to salicylic acid and two antibacterial oils harvested from eucalyptus and tea tree, this targeted treatment gets to work immediately to reduce redness and swelling. Especially useful as a buffer against Singapore’s harsh rays, Nip + Fab says this formula also hastens recovery by shielding sensitive skin from UV-induced inflammation.

8. No Needle Fix, $39.90 for 50ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

A skin plumping serum that lifts and revitalises sagging skin, this intensely hydrating formula contains three patented compounds – Cellative, which is said to increase elasticity; oat-derived Osilift to reduce the appearance of fine lines; and Indinyl to soften skin – that complement each other to give you a younger-looking visage that, true to form, requires no needles for an instant, pain-free fix. To use, massage gently into your face and neck twice daily, concentrating on your laugh lines, between your brows and around the eye contour.

9. Frown Fix, $19.90 for 15ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

A hero product if there ever was one, this extremely popular Nip + Fab bestseller came recommended by fans who swear by its near-magical ability to relax expression lines. The brand says continued daily use will fade the appearance of light crow’s feet and other shallow wrinkles, thanks to a combination of skin-rejuvenating amino acids and two deeply moisturising agents, purslane and centella extracts.

10. Pigmentation Fix, $29.90 for 30ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

Good for overall brightening of your complexion, this intensive serum-like treatment infuses your skin with Vitamin C and orange leaf extract to work as a minimally irritating alternative to harsh whitening agents. Working to rein in the formation of the stress-induced skin pigment lipofuscin,  Nip + Fab says its studies have demonstrated a reduction of age spots by 14.2% after just two weeks of use.

11. CC Cream, $29.90 for 40ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This next-generation, multi-purpose complexion corrector provides the subtle illuminating coverage of your regular BB cream and more – formulating with hydrating and sun-protecting properties, Nip + Fab’s CC cream is a great for streamlining your grooming routine. Available in two easy-to-use shades, the lightly textured cream contains key actives like Soline, a wild sunflower extract said to strengthen the skin barrier and provide round-the-clock moisturisation, as well as an oat extract dubbed Osilift, which acts as a toning agent for smoother skin. Other skin goodies include the hydrating agent hyaluronic acid and light-reflecting optics for a diffuse, flattering glow.

12. CC Eye Fix, $19.90 for 1.8ml

12 Nip + Fab products to try

This dual-purpose eye cream and concealer targets dark circles and fine lines both immediately and over time. Illuminating pigments reflects light off unwanted shadows under the eye, while Nip + Fab’s oat extract and beeswax formula protects and hydrates the eye area for smoother contours with daily use.

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