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#1 What are lash extensions made of?
Although there are silk and mink lashes (minks are not harmed as these hairs are reportedly taken from the tail), synthetic ones are the most commonly used and the most affordable. Th ey are also less likely to break or bend out of shape, and they give a more dramatic effect because they are a little thicker and darker than mink and silk alternatives.

#2 How are the individual lashes glued on?
Mai Kawakita, eyelash creative director at Ilash-bar Singapore, explains: “Each lash is glued on top of your natural eyelash, approximately 1mm away from your eyelid, so neither the glue nor the lash has any contact with the skin.” It takes one to two hours for the whole process to be completed, depending on how many natural lashes you have and how many falsies you want glued on.

#3 Can I get lash extensions if I have sensitive eyes?
Get the go-ahead from your optometrist before getting lash extensions, as the fumes from the glue used may irritate your eyes. Lolita Lash & Beauty Studio has a fume-free adhesive for those with sensitive eyes, and Ilash-bar Singapore can do a glue patch test on your lash 48 hours before the treatment as a precaution.

#4 What lifestyle precautions must I take after I get the lash extensions?
For 48 hours after getting the extensions, avoid swimming, any activity that will cause excessive perspiration, and steam rooms (hot-yoga rooms included) – hot steam can soften the adhesive and cause your extensions to stick together, resulting in a clumpy mess. Also, do not rub your eyes – synthetic lashes may get bent out of shape.

#5 Can I get lash extensions if I have sparse lashes?
You can, but you could still end up looking like you have sparse lashes, as the extensions have to be attached to real lashes. For a natural look, opt for 60 to 80 lashes (for both eyes); 100 lashes or more will give you a more dramatic, wide-eyed effect.

#6 Can I still put on eye makeup after getting extensions?
It’s not recommended, but if you insist, be sure to get mascaras that are designed for use on synthetic lashes – most salons that offer eyelash-extension services also sell such mascaras, which can be removed easily with lukewarm water. 

#7 How do I remove eye makeup when I have lash extensions?
Use an oil-free cleanser; pour some on a cotton bud and remove the eye makeup using gentle upward motions. 

#8 How long do lash extensions last?
This depends on the growth cycle of your natural lashes and how well you care for your extensions. On average, an eyelash grows for 25 to 28 days before it falls off ; the extension attached to it will drop off as well. Don’t touch, tug or pull at your lash line, or apply moisture-rich products such as oils and heavy creams near your lash extensions as oils will loosen the adhesive. 

#9 Do lash extensions hurt?
Getting them should be a pain-free experience, as the glue doesn’t touch your eyelids. If you experience any burning sensation or discomfort, let the therapist know immediately. 

#10 What should I take note of when choosing a salon?
You should find a reputable one with experienced lash artists – those with at least five years of work experience – and strict hygiene rules. Also, choose a salon that uses formaldehyde-free adhesives to minimise the risk of eye irritations. 

Sources: Mai Kawakita, eyelash creative director at Ilash-Bar Singapore; Jeane Okajima, shop manager at KJstudio; and Jocelyn Lim, certifi ed Novalash trainer and training director at Lolita Lash & Beauty Studio. Photos of model: Corbis

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine April 2015.