Jenna Courtin-Clarins is the perfect brand ambassador for French skincare brand Clarins. She’s a total Parisienne, warm, conversational, down to earth, and very poised. When she speaks about the brand, the pride and conviction is obvious. After all, her late grandfather, Jacques founded the brand in 1954.

She was in Singapore on Jan 25, 2018 for the opening of the revamped Clarins store at Ion Orchard and we managed to steal 10 minutes for 10 questions with her.


1. What do you like about Singapore? Is this your first time here?

Yes, it’s my first time in Singapore and I already love the first impression – all the greenery on the drive out of the airport. I can’t wait for the weekend as I have some free time here to explore, see the neighbourhoods and try the food.


2. What is Clarins to you?

As a family brand, I always bear in mind that our customer is every woman, it could be our friends, our relatives, our acquaintances. That’s why in our advertising we don’t use models, we pick different faces, real faces, to represent all our customers, every woman. There’s no one face.


3. You worked in editorial before, what did you like about it?

I loved it. I was with Marie Claire in the US and I learnt so much from it, it was very fast-paced. But I was always drawn back to Clarins, having grown up in it, all around it. I can’t help but talk about the brand, the products, my experiences with it.


Photo: Instagram / Marion Renard

4. What is one skincare related memory you have of your grandfather?

Summers with my grandfather and cousins in the South of France where we have a family house, and the smell of the Clarins sunscreen. He made sure we were slathered in that sun cream every time we were outdoors.


5. What exactly is your role now in the business?

I do the visual merchandising but to me, actually everything is important. The visual and digital communication is how we talk to our customers, the packaging is part of the user experience, the quality and efficacy of every product, of course. We have eyes on every aspect.


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Photo: Instagram / aforarcade

6. Tell us about your new concept for Clarins stores and counters?

When a person enters the shop it must be efficient for them, every section is clear to help them find what they want or find something new. There’s a corner where you can pick up travel-sized products, there’s gift-wrapping service too.


7. Your must-have skincare and makeup products?

Double Serum for the face, and Body Fit for the body. A lightweight foundation, a mascara to accentuate my lashes, and lipstick – a neutral tone for the day and a red for night.


8. Do you feel a lot of pressure to perform in your job given who your grandfather is?

Not pressure, but a pride in the brand, a deep desire to make Clarins the best I can.


photo: Instagram / thevedit

9. Where do you see Clarins in 10 years time ?

More shops and counters everywhere in the world. It would be great if everybody had Clarins products in their bathroom, or at least a favourite Clarins product that they can’t live without – Double Serum, Hand Cream, Eau Dynamissente. When I read magazines and there’s a picture of somebody’s bathroom, I always look out if there’s a Clarins product there.


10. When you have free time, what do you do for fun?

I love to travel and I love swimming so I go somewhere close to the sea. I need yoga for relaxation.



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