I love a good nude manicure. As somewhat of a nail polish hoarder, I’ve got about seven different (but very similar) shades of nude beige. Certain shades match my nails better than others, but aside from finding the right shade for your skin tone, sometimes you just want a nude nail that’s got a little something extra. From oversized flower decals and intricate nail art to pearlescent top coats and sprinkles, here are 10 nude manicures we love that won’t leave you bored.

#1 It’s clear that instagram still isn’t over the “glass” nail trend, and neither are we. The light-reflecting pieces give an otherwise flat nude nail some much-wanted depth.



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#2 Perfect for medium to deep skin tones, this matte mauve-y nude is as close as it gets to Kylie Jenner-esque lips, but for your nails! Take it from everyday wear to party-perfect with some bling and a couple of accent nails.



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#3 This twist on a classic French manicure is colourful, mood-boosting and so easy to do! It just takes a little patience and some fun neon colours. You can always use some nail guides for help with those French tips.



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#4 We love a good design, and especially one that’s well placed. The mix of more chunky flecks of glitter with tiny confetti-like sprinkles makes this look like a sophisticated party on your nails.



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#5 Negative space nails are here to stay for good, and a little freehand lace work makes all the difference between sleek and cute.


#6 This set from The Nail Artelier has subtle and gorgeous leopard spots interspersed with gold embellishments. We love that the details are only on a section of the nail instead of all-over.


#7 Gold always makes things glamorous and festive, while white never fails at classing things up. These overlapping strips of colour are easy enough to pull off at home if you’ve got some tape, and you can change up the layering pattern so that each nail doesn’t look exactly the same!



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#8 Definitely not one in the realm of easy DIY, this cracked marble manicure reminds me of an incredibly expensive granite counter top. The black and gold detail in the crack lines gives it an added edge that keeps it from looking too pretty.



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#9 While slightly impractical for everyday wear, these giant floral embellishments are stunning to look at. The contrast of the white and a deeper nude shade makes this especially stunning on medium to deep skin tones.



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#10 If all else fails, a translucent shimmery top coat is your best friend. Find one with a gorgeous sheen and very fine particles (you want to avoid chunky glitter for this effect). It will give your nude nails a pretty “moondust” feel and is beautiful for night time.