Coral lipsticks are a must-have for every Singaporean OL. The peachy shade is great for all sorts of occasions; whether it’s a day in the office, a girls’ night out or having a simple meal at a restaurant. And if you want to get a little bolder with colour, just opt for orange, which tends to work better on Asian skin tones than cool fuchsia lippies.

But before you coat your lips in this tasty tangerine, know this: Wearing the wrong shade of coral or orange can make your skin look sallow.

We’ve got makeup artist Rina Sim to recommend the 10 best coral and orange lipsticks in all textures. Some of them are universal shades that work for everyone, while some only work for those with pink or yellow undertones.

B Best coral and orange lipsticks to suit and brighten pink and yellow undertone skin.png


So before we get to the list, first figure out what undertones you have in your skin. There are three simple ways – though not exhaustive – to do this:

METHOD #1: Check your wardrobe. Do you look better in colours like blues, purples and emerald greens, or reds, oranges or olive-greens? If it’s the first group of colours, then you have a yellow undertone. The next group of colours tend to look better on people with a pink undertone. Those who look good in both are neutral toned.

METHOD #2: If gold accessories suit you better, then you have a yellow undertone, while silver accessories tend to suit those with pink undertones. If you’re fine with both, then you’re neutral toned.

METHOD #3: Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Bluish veins mean a pink undertone, and green-looking veins mean a yellow one. Be sure to do this when you’re out under the sun, because artificial lighting can make colours appear different. (Just like when you’re doing your makeup.)

Once you’ve figured that out, check Rina’s list of 10 coral and orange lipsticks to see which one will suit you best.


#1 Rouge Dior, Trafalgar

#2 Rouge Dior Brilliant, #808 Victoire

#3 Guerlain Kisskiss Lip Shaping Cream Colour, #540 Peach Satin

#4 Lancome Lip Lover Dewy Colour Lip perfector 8H Moisture, #318 Abricot Tango


Warmer colours look better on you. Look for oranges with a slight yellow tinge to it, or reds with an orange glow. A perfect exampls is M.A.C’s Lady Danger, a matte mandarin shade. For everyday wear, a moisturised peachy pout will suffice. Try Dior’s Rouge Dior Baume in Spring.

#5 MAC Lipstick, Lady Danger

#6 Rouge Dior Baume, #468 Spring

#7 Guerlain Kisskiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour, #344 Sexy Coral

Guerlain KISS KISS 344 Sexy Coral Best coral and orange lipsticks to suit any skintone .png

Cooler colours look better on you. Try looking for corals that lean closer to pinks and fuchsia. M.A.C’s Crosswires offers a great example. For this list, Rina has thrown in two fuchsia lipsticks from Urban Decay and M.A.C for a good measure, too. 

#8 M.A.C Lipstick, Crosswires

Pink undertones MAC Crosswires Best coral and orange lipsticks to suit any skintone .png

#9 Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick, Anarchy

Urban Decay Sheer Anarchy Best coral and orange lipsticks to suit any skintone .png

#10 M.A.C Lipstick, Girl About Town

MAC Girl about town Best coral and orange lipsticks to suit any skintone .png

Now learn how to pair your chosen orange lippie with the right makeup look and you’re all set.

Photography: Vernon Wong; Art direction: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong; Hair and makeup: Rina Sim using Dior (9762 6084); Model: Sherena Ng / Basic Models