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Let’s get straight to it: This brilliant beauty hack is perfect for nights when you just can’t be arsed to put yourself through the paces of a seven-step regime.

Here’s what you can do to expedite your evening skincare: Concoct an all-in-one cocktail comprising serums in a moisturiser base.

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THE RECIPE: Nailing this hack requires a rudimentary understanding of cosmetology: “You need a fat-soluble base – think featherweight oils like the sort found in Clarins’ brightening Double Serum – in which you dissolve your other emulsions,” advises Leona Low, Clarins Singapore’s training and customer care manager.

What you do is to warm up three ingredients in your clean palms – two serums mixed into a moisturiser – then lightly cup the custardy concoction onto your face and decolletage, pressing it in to encourage absorption.

1-Minute serum tip to whiten skin  shrink large pores! IDS PORE.png

For a pore-purifying and complexion-brightening super-serum, try mixing IDS Clinic Pore ($76) and Clarins Double Serum ($115) – the latter being my beloved editor’s beauty obsession, FWIW! – into an evanescent emulsion like Kenzoki’s Melt-In Moisturizing Lotion ($48).

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: The first product listed above is an amber ambrosia crammed with a calming green tea blend that’s great for getting under the skin and clearing out unwanted riff-raff clogging up your pores; the second serves as a “good” oil base for everything else; while the last boasts antioxidant actives and comforting ceramides to “waterproof” your skin through the night.

1-Minute serum tip to whiten skin  shrink large pores! kenzoki-melt-in-moisturising-lotion.png

The result the morning after? Revitalised radiance and perfectly plump skin, plus petite pores to boot!

BONUS: If you’re not completely bowled over by exhaustion, consider a quickie 20-second facial massage. Tiny tapping motions all over your face feels good and is good.

Take it from  Jenny Teng, massage meister and director of Porcelain The Face Spa, says that shiatsu “finger pressure” helps to jumpstart skin circulation and corral oxygen to the surface of the skin, “to restore energy flow and release trapped toxins”.

In any case, here’s hoping this three-product cocktail hack (two serums in a moisturiser base) will be of use on “off-duty” nights. Cheers to near-instant gratification!

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