Did you know that Singapore has one of the highest numbers of people living with eczema?

The culprit? Our hot and humid weather. All that excessive sweating can affect our skin barrier as we beat the heat by over-washing our hands and body.

Therein lies the problem. While frequent washing is lauded to keep germs and bacteria at bay, it can be detrimental to our skin barrier as the skin’s natural oils get stripped away. This weakens the skin barrier, which can lead to skin becoming dry and irritated. This, in turn, triggers eczema flare-ups that leave us feeling frustrated and uncomfortable.

This is why it’s important to choose gentle body and hand washes that won’t strip skin of its natural oils and moisture.

And fortunately, Yuan Mugwort Classic Body Wash ticks all the right boxes.

An Oriental Skin-Loving Solution

With its oriental philosophy of keeping good health, Yuan Skincare offers a range of carefully crafted products infused with natural and eco-friendly ingredients such as oriental herbs to restore skin’s health from top to toe.

The Yuan Mugwort Classic Body Wash contains a skin-loving formula using 98 per cent natural mugwort from the Yuan farm in Yang Ming Shan National Park, Taiwan. Not only does it keep skin clean skin but it also helps to improve skin’s metabolism and vitality. Best bit? It won’t strip skin of its natural oils.

Its mild herbal scent also invigorates the senses, relieving exhaustion and stress accumulated during the day, instantly transforming shower time a welcomed oasis of calm.

In addition, the Mugwort Classic Body Wash is also free from nasties like SLS, artificial colouring and fragrance, ensuring that it’s gentle on all skin types, including delicate, sensitive and problematic skin.

At the same time, Yuan Skincare doesn’t just care for your skin. The brand is also doing its bit to care for the environment. The Mugwort Classic Body Wash bottles are made of recyclable PET plastic, so you won’t only feel good, but you’ll be doing good with each purchase too. Additionally, the brand subtracted unnecessary packaging, minimising wastage and cutting Co2 emissions.

Our Testers Say…

“The thick gel texture was a pleasure to use in the shower. It lathered well and left our skin well-hydrated, soft and smooth. But what we absolutely loved was its amazing herbal scent. Its delicate herbal-woody scent filled our bathrooms, instantly invigorating our senses while relieving our stress and exhaustion. It made us look forward to bath time. Plus, it was really gentle on our sensitive skin too. We’ll definitely be recommending this to our family and friends.”

Award: Best Body Wash (Editor’s Choice)

Winner: Yuan Mugwort Classic Body Wash

Yuan Skincare Mugwort Classic Body Wash, $42. Available from Yuanskincare.sg and selected NTUC Unity & Fairprice outlets.

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