Did you know that our scalp, like the skin on your face and body, has a plethora of sweat and oil glands? And just like your face, your scalp can produce sebum, which explains why your hair can sometimes feel greasy and uncomfortable. In addition, when mixed with dead skin and styling product residue, it can cause build-up that clog the hair follicles, resulting in flakiness and limp locks. This, in turn, can even lead to increased hair fall and hair loss.

But it’s not just a matter of washing your hair often. Too much hair washing can also cause the scalp to be dry and irritated, bringing with it another set of problems.

And while there are many over-the-counter haircare products like scalp exfoliants and deep-cleansing shampoos, there’s nothing like a regular scalp detox treatment to address your varied scalp concerns.

This is where Bio Organicare comes to the rescue.

Using Biodynamic Ingredients To Keep Scalp Healthy

While officially established in 2018, the brand has actually been caring for hair and scalp woes since 2012. And unlike other treatments, Bio Organicare uses biodynamic (natural and organic) ingredients to address your unique issues. In addition, the ingredients and formulas are 100 per cent safe from harmful chemicals and free from chemical additives, making them safe and gentle on even the most sensitive scalp.  

The secret lies in the use of an effective in-house formula that consists of a blend of all natural and organic ingredients which include rice bran wax, rosemary, soy lecithin and thyme. In fact, the formula has been perfected over years of research and development, which allows customers to see visible results in a shorter period of time.

In addition, the Custom Blend Scalp Cleansing also uses the latest American detoxifying treatment to deeply cleanse oily scalps, removing all traces of sebum, dead skin and even product build-up while promoting blood circulation to reduce hair loss and encourage healthier hair growth.

The result: It helps keep your scalp clean and healthy, and strengthen hair follicles for stronger, healthier and more lustrous tresses.

Ultimately, what makes the treatment ideal for all scalp types and concerns is how customisable it is. Because no two scalps are exactly the same, you can be rest assured that your unique and ever-changing concerns will be addressed at each session.

What You Can Expect

The therapist started off the treatment with a scalp analysis, explaining in detail our scalp condition and the type of treatment needed to resolve our scalp and hair issues. It definitely helped us be more aware of the potential issues that could aggravate our oily scalp.

After the scalp analysis, we were moved to the treatment area. It began with an application of the Custom Blends Scalp Mask that’s said to remove the dead skin on our scalp. This was followed by the use of a unique handheld device that also helped promoted blood micro-circulation to our scalp. The scalp massage that accompanied this was a truly enjoyable one and left us feeling extremely relaxed for the rest of the treatment.

Next was a customised hair bath, where a hair bath was chosen specifically for our scalp condition. Then, a hair bulb nutrition essence was applied to help improve our scalp health and strengthen our hair follicles for healthier hair growth. To finish, our hair was blow-dried and lightly styled.

We headed back for an after-treatment scalp analysis and found that our scalp was looking much cleaner. We left feeling light and refreshed.

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