The award: Best Salon For Hair Lamination

The winner: Chez Vous Hair Salon 

If you’ve always wanted a solution to tame your unruly, frizzy hair, help is here. Chez Vous Hair Salon has not one, but two different hair lamination treatments to transform your frizzy, damaged and unmanageable hair into soft, bouncy and smooth locks, depending on your needs. 

The secret lies in the thin layer of laminate used in the hair lamination treatments, which is made up of ceramides, collagen, hydrolysed silk and natural oils, along with exclusive sugar-based hair strengthening actives (if you’re curious, it’s hydroxypropyl gluconamide and hydroxypropyl ammonium gluconate). The in-salon formula, created by the Chez Vous Hair Salon team, works to protect and repair hair from the inside and out. 

If you want more manageable hair and long-lasting smoothness: Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination, from $305 

This intensive smoothing gloss treatment keeps frizzy or damaged hair sleek, shiny and smooth. Plus, it also protects hair from external damage, such as humidity, moisture loss, mechanical damage, heated styling and harsh chemicals, while repairing and restoring hair’s defensive layer. With proper aftercare, it even promises long-lasting results: up to three months, or more.  

The highlight of Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination is the combination of sugar and hyaluronic acids to repair the hair, unlike other smoothening treatments that tend to rely on proteins. This is because overloading the hair with too much protein can cause it to feel stiff, dry, brittle and become more susceptible to breakage in the long term.

In addition, Supreme Sugar Hair Lamination also uses a higher percentage of naturally-derived ingredients, such as tannic acid from the Acacia Negra tree, coconut oil, acai extracts, as well as avocado and pomegranate seed oils, to keep each strand uber-soft and frizz-free.

You’ll also be glad to know that the formula does not contain formaldehyde and other nasties, so you won’t have to worry about any damaging health concerns either.

What happened after we tried the treatment

“Readen, the stylist, talked me through the process quite thoroughly and helped me understand the science behind this treatment, which I really appreciate. I was taught ways to maintain my hair, which is frizzy, damaged, and super thick.

And while it was three hours in the chair – the treatment includes two hair washes, various treatment and mask applications, flat-ironing and a 45-minute wait to let the active ingredients process well – time flew by as the Chez Vous team was very attentive to my needs, and kept me engaged in conversation throughout.

I was stunned by how tame my hair was after the treatment. For the first time in a really long time, I could run my fingers through it without feeling a single tangle – it’s been a week since and my hair still feels the same. That’s how damaged my hair was prior to the treatment.

To maintain the treatment results, I was advised to blow-dry my hair, and use the prescribed homecare from Oribe, so that’s what I’ve been doing because I want my hair to stay this way forever.” 

If you want post-colour smoothness or intend to perm or rebond your hair in the near future: Advanced Hair Lamination, from $235

An express reparative, frizz-fighting treatment, it gently controls hair texture, taming flicks and tangles, while improving hair health at the same time. 

Like the Supreme version, Advanced Hair Lamination repairs and protects hair, revealing smoother, stronger and shinier locks. The difference is that the Advanced version offers gentler curl reduction and lasts up to six weeks.

Our favourite bit? It takes just one hour, from start to finish – and you can add it to a colour job in the same sitting, because the treatment is colour-safe.

Should you decide to change up your hair look in the near future, with, say a perm or rebonding, it’s still perfectly safe to do Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination before that.

It’s pretty revolutionary, and previously unheard of, considering that traditional anti-frizz hair treatments are usually incompatible with thermal re-texturising services, as they cause hair breakage and further damage. So for the first time ever, you won’t have to worry about this.

And if you love your natural curls, but wish they would be a little less unruly, Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination can help, too. Unlike conventional keratin treatments that can leave curls almost non-existent, the treatment helps reduce frizz and unruliness without eliminating your natural waves completely and still keeping their bounce.

What happened after we tried the treatment

“The treatment steps reminded me of when I used to rebond my hair many moons ago, with the multiple hair washes, treatment applications, flat-iron and blow-drying. But this, thankfully, took a much shorter time: Just an hour in the chair, and I was good to go. The products used were also much nicer smelling too – who can say no to luxe Oribe products, right?

My hair was so soft after the treatment. It was a bit flat right after, but after a few washes, it looked much more natural. More importantly, I loved how easy it was to manage my hair after daily shampooing, even after two weeks. I didn’t even need to do much when blow-drying, and my locks just fell naturally in place. Plus, I got lots of compliments from my friends on how fab my hair looked.” 

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