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The award: Best Doctor-led Anti-hairloss Treatments  

The winner: The Artisan Clinic  

Did you know that we lose about 100 to 150 strands of hair a day? And this is perfectly normal. But if you’re noticing a sudden increase in hair fall – on your pillow, hairbrush or shower drain – you might want to consider getting a consultation with a doctor to nip the issue in the bud. There are medically proven solutions that can address your hair loss woes. 

In addition to aesthetics treatments, The Artisan Clinic also offers a range of hair and scalp care treatments. These range from non-invasive treatments using laser and D.E.P (Dermoelectroporation) technology, to minimally invasive treatments via micro-needling to deliver energy and infuse serums to the scalp. The latter is designed by the clinic’s founder and medical director, Dr Isaac Wong, who had received training in hair transplant and hair treatment at the Maxwell Hair Clinic in Korea and also under Dr Akaki Tsilotsani, an expert hair transplant surgeon.

The winning treatments to try

Treatment #1: Artisan Hair Regrowth Treatment, $450

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The treatment targets hair thinning and comes in two options. You can choose to have the serum injected into the targeted areas of your scalp to stimulate hair growth and reduce damage caused by hair loss. Dr Isaac Wong says that the serum is packed with growth factors that encourage follicle bulbs to “awaken and grow”. If you’re squeamish about needles, the same serum can be delivered via the non-invasive D.E.P (Dermoelectroporation) method that uses controlled microcurrents. 

The serum used in the treatment is designed to be very gentle on the scalp – it contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe it. 

Plus, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes and comes with very little downtime. For best results, a course of one monthly treatment, over six months, is recommended.

Treatment #2: Artisan Potenza Hair Treatment, $1,500

This treatment uses ultra-fine microneedles together with monopolar and bipolar radio frequency (RF) to trigger the skin’s natural healing response. The aim: a stronger scalp that, in turn, helps hair to grow healthily. The treatment is done using the Potenza Machine, which just recently arrived in Singapore and is available at The Artisan Clinic.

The device also utilises Tiger Tip technology, which allows the doctor to treat more tissue at multiple depths, to help deliver the serums precisely to where they’re needed most. 

Alternatively, the device can also be fitted with a a Fusion Tip, which releases air towards the skin after the delivery of RF energy. This drives the topical serums deeper into the dermis, enhancing their penetration levels.

Local anaesthesia will be injected into the scalp to make the treatment more comfortable. You may feel a dull ache during the session, but it’s bearable. 

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