When it comes to getting that sun-kissed look for your locks, balayage is often the go-to style to achieve that finish. For the uninitiated, balayage is a colour technique where the hair colour is painted onto the hair strands to create a graduated, natural-looking highlight effect.

The reason why it’s immensely popular is because it’s a fairly low-maintenance way to go lighter as it preserves your base hair colour while still looking natural as your hair grows out. Perfect if you’re not ready to go full-on blonde.

But what if you’re looking to jazz things up or want something that looks even more natural? This is where Chez Vous Hair Salon’s Airtouch Balayage comes in.

The airtouch technique

This technique has taken the world, especially in Asian cities like Tokyo, Shanghai and Taipei, by storm. Unlike the traditional way of doing balayage, which involves backcombing and teasing of the hair that can sometimes lead to breakage from the constant tugging, Airtouch Balayage uses air (hence its name) to create a softer and more seamless blend of colours for a truly natural-looking finish.

In addition, it’s also able to efficiently lighten the hair. Where traditional freehand or balayage techniques are often unable to lighten our Asian hair due to its darker and warmer pigments, Airtouch Balayage is able to saturate section of the hair in bleach, which is then sealed in foil, to achieve this result with ease.

But that’s not all. Chez Vous Hair Salon also uses a special Japanese colour technology that is able to effectively neutralise the warm hues in our Asian hair, to attain ash and cool tones without causing more damage to your hair.

Best bit? The Airtouch Balayage technique delivers colour that looks good on both straight tresses and bouncy curls, making it a look that suits everyone. Plus, your hair still looks good even when the colour fades to its blonde base.

The Chez Vous Hair Defence Secret

And at Chez Vous, it isn’t enough to just use a less damaging colouring technique and technology. To ensure that hair stays healthy and strong, the team developed a unique Hair Defence Technology that shields and reduces potential hair damage during a chemical service by up to 50 per cent.

Even more amazing is how this multi-step cocktail plex treatment only adds 15 minute to your treatment time. Minimum effort for maximum results.

Just as there is no one do-it-all solution for all the various damage causing stressors to our hair, this treatment includes a unique blend of active ingredients that work on the different molecular levels of the hair to protect, reinforce, restore and replenish it, to help it attain a healthier and stronger state.

5 things to do to keep your colour job looking fresh for longer

Here’s what the experts at Chez Vous Hair Salon recommend:

  1. Before your salon visit, start incorporating hair strengthening products into your haircare routine to improve hair’s resilience.
  2. During the colour service, ask for protective plex treatments to be added to the colour lightening step to cushion potential chemical damages to your hair.
  3. If possible, request to have your stylist mist your hair with Advante Water before the start of the session to help reduce the risk of hair breakage.
  4. At home, replace your usual conditioner with an Advante Treatment to nourish the hair from within and use a colour depositing shampoo to keep your new hair colour looking fresh.
  5. After shower, apply a leave-in product to protect and fortify your locks, even more so if you use a heated styling tool (hairdryer or flat iron) regularly.

What you can expect

Our stylist was very thorough in explaining the procedure to us, from the bleaching to the colouring as well as the treatment portions. He even showed us examples of how the finished result would look like.

The session started with our hair getting spritzed with a K18 peptide mist. This was followed by the application of the electrolysed water from Japan and 18 types of amino acid. The former is said to help neutralise the naturally positive charge of our hair, which in turn allows the active ingredients to better penetrate and be absorbed by the hair shaft, while the latter reduces the hair’s porosity.

Next, a nanosized Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) was sprayed onto our hair to replenish moisture from within, followed by a blow-dry to seal it all in before the colour process began.

After the colour was done, a seaweed algae mask containing both brown and red algae extracts, was applied before we got our hair and scalp shampooed and massaged. To finish, a K18 peptide mask and the CMC, along with a blend of smoothening ingredients like squalene, silk PPT and collagen, were applied generously. We were told that this was to replenish moisture lost during the colour process while restoring hair strength and minimising friction and mechanical damage during styling.

Our hair was then blow-dried once more and we were done.

We are no strangers when it comes to bleaching our hair. But every time we’ve done so, we’ve found that shampooing our hair at home left our hair clumping together, making it impossible to run our fingers through. But with the Hair Defence Technology, the result was really quite significant, as our hair didn’t clump as much. Even after towel-drying, we could still run our comb through without too much tugging. Plus, our hair was also not frizzy after blow-drying, which was such a welcomed bonus.

In short, we’re truly in awe of the Hair Defence Technology. Previously when we’ve done treatments, we’ve had to sit in the salon for quite a bit longer. And no one wants to sit through another hour after sitting for a three-hour bleaching and colouring session – in fact, we often skip the treatment because we just didn’t have the time to spare. But this added treatment was so quick and fuss-free that we didn’t mind it at all.

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