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Why you shouldn’t be sending a save-the-date invitation to every one

Simply because relationships may change, and sending one means you have to follow up with a wedding invitation, regardless.

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1. You can’t take it back
If you’re planning for a long engagement, it’s probably better to hold sending save-the-dates, as long as you can. A good time to send them would be about four to six months before the wedding, or six to eight months if you’re getting married overseas (or if you’re having overseas guests fly in). But do remember this. Regardless of what happens in between now and your wedding, you have to follow up with a wedding invitation once you’ve sent out a save-the-date.

2. Relationships change
It’s understandable to send everyone you know (or most of your friends at least) a save-the-date to book their time as soon as you can. But it might be better to hold it off, or send it to select people who you definitely want at your wedding. Why? Everyone who receives a save-the-date has to receive an invitation too. You can send someone who didn’t receive a save-the-date an invitation, but not vice versa. Unless you have strong reasons for wanting to omit a certain person out of your guest list, it’s better to follow up. If there were people you were close to previously, but haven’t spoken to in a while, you might want to text or call them just to check if they’re still going to your wedding.

3. You might want to skip sending them altogether
Okay, so this isn’t quite sticking to the topic. But just so you know, sending save-the-date cards aren’t exactly necessary. But if you’re having your wedding on a long weekend, public holiday, during the festive period, a destination celebration or expecting people to fly in, you might want to let your guests know in advance. Or, if you’re having a small wedding, sending them might be unnecessary too, especially if you know that most of your guests will be able to make it.

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