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Is sex painful? 5 positions that may help

Painful sex can happen for all kinds of reasons, including medical conditions like STIs, pelvic inflammatory disease, or vaginismus.

There are often few quick fixes for intercourse-related pain; however, consider using lots and lots of water-based lubricant to help improve your intimate experiences.

Here are some other alternative sex moves that may help with painful sex:


1. Pillow under waist

This is a simple but effective position if you find yourself in pain during sex.

Lay down with a pillow under your hips and have your spouse lay on top of you as you wrap your knee around them.

The pillow raises your hips so you are at a more accessible angle for penetration, making sex hurt less.


2. Woman on top

If you're still new to sex, being on top can induce some discomfort but it actually gives you more control so if you are feeling pain, you can adjust quickly.

Have your spouse sit cross-legged and sit on top of them.

You can balance their chest to make it easier for you and go as fast or slow as you would like.


3. Spooning

With this position, your spouse can't get too deep when you are on your side, which is a good thing!

You can still enjoy sex without having to be in pain. 

Start off in a spooning position, then try to position yourself in a way so that you can be penetrated. 

It might take some time to find an angle you're comfortable with, but it will be worth it.


4. Leg lock

Angles make all the difference when it comes to sex.

If you are sitting on a surface (a table or a chair for instance), it can be easier to have someone inside you, which can make it less painful.

Try sitting on a table and have your spouse stand in front of you while holding your legs.


5. Standing

If sex is really hurting you, then you should take a break from penetrative sex for a while.

You can stick to some non-penetrative moves that will build intimacy between you and your spouse.

It will help you feel more comfortable with each other, and might help you make you more ready to have sex.


This story was first published in Singapore Woman's Weekly.

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