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Save money with these nifty skin and makeup hacks

Waiting for pay day but your favourite highlighter has just run out? Here are all the beauty and skincare hacks you need to know to keep you looking on fleek!

Clear lip balm as highlighter

For some people, highlighter tends to be a little too shimmery for them. 

So, if you're looking for a super cheap way to highlight without all that shimmer, use clear lip balm instead!

Simply swipe some on your cheek bones and nose bridge and blend. It'll give you that subtle dewy look without all that shimmer and glitter.


Lip pencils as eyeliner

Try swapping your regular black or brown eyeliner for lip liners pencils! 

They're soft, creamy and they look pretty too.


Cheek tint as lipstick and eyeshadow 

These days, it's all about simple and monochrome makeup routines. To do this, use your cheek tint as both your lipstick and eyeshadow.

You can easily build on the colour by swiping a little more onto your eyelids. 


Bronzer as eyeshadow

Once again, the monochrome look is in! Bronzers are great as eyeshadows because they're usually in very flattering colours and provide that extra shimmer you need. 


Conditioner as shaving cream

We're not sure about you, but, we're usually unable to finish an entire bottle of conditioner at home. 

You can easily use conditioner as a shaving cream when trying to shave your legs or armpits. It helps your razor glide a lot more easily and you'll get a closer shave too.


Sheer lipstick as eye makeup

Sheer lipstick can easily double up as gel eyeshadow. Not only are they pretty, they're super easy to layer on too!


This article was first published on Women's Weekly.