Expert tips on how to choose the right shoes for your wedding dress

Steve Thio, our Contributing Editor for Her World Brides and Female Brides, picks out the right shoe style to match your wedding dress.

It can be a bit jarring to see a bride, dressed in a soft and romantic ballgown, walking down the aisle in white and strappy killer heels. The discordant mismatch of styles may be a deliberate stamp of personal style, but it can spoil the overall mood, and look, for your celebration.

Most brides tend to see their wedding shoes as the least important detail when planning for their wedding wardrobe.  But designers and bridal experts will tell you that the right pair of shoes is just as important as the right dress. 

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As you will be spending the whole day on your feet running around in a big and heavy gown, it is also important that it is comfortable and hardy enough to last the day without any problems.

Here are some tips to help you with your shoe shopping!

Match the Style
Make sure your shoes reflect the overall style, and theme of your wedding wardrobe and celebrations.  A romantic ballgown with a big poufy skirt would look best with delicate heels - simple strap or open-toe designs are best. 


If you're wearing a long sleeve A-line classic gown, then close-toe heels would be perfect: the entire look is elegant and sophisticated.

For brides who love mermaid style gowns or dresses with plunging backs that bare more skin, thin strappy heels with lots of sparkle and glitter are a glamorous option. 


Match the Colour
Get a pair of shoes in a colour that matches your gown (white or nude for white dresses, or a pale pink pair for a peach coloured gown), or in a metallic hue (silver with white, a pale gold to match ivory and off-white coloured gowns) to add some shine and sheen to your ensemble.

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Match the fabric
Customised shoes allow you to match the material of your shoes with the fabric of your gown. If you're planning to wear a white brocade dress, you can customise a pair in the same fabric. Just ask your designer for the extra length of fabric. 

For customised shoes, you can look at vendors like Freya Rose, Bride & You and Celest Thoi (stocked at The Proposal) 


Add some personal style
You can always make your pair of shoes unique and different with some additional touches - clip on a crystal brooch made from the same details or trims as your gown, or get your bridesmaids to sign on the shoe and keep it as a momento of your big day! If your white gown has coloured details, you can choose a coloured pair of shoes to match the details instead of the usual white. See how you can customise your dream shoes here.


Flat, or High?
Most brides don't like to be taller than their groom; they will choose to wear lower heels or flats instead.  

Low formal pumps can look a little too classic, so my advice is to pick a pair with pretty details (like lace trims or crystal embellishments), or an elegant style with a pointed toe and sleek, elegant heels. See beautiful high-heel shoe options here!

For flats, make sure they look formal enough to match your wedding dress as most flat shoe styles can look too casual. My suggestion is to go for close-toe designs that are pointed at the tips and maybe in high-shine patent leather, or covered with lace for a more luxe feel.


Trial and error
Never, ever forsake comfort for beauty and style! When it comes to wedding shoe shopping, the first consideration is comfort. You have to be comfortable in the shoes, and be able to walk around effortlessly while wearing them.  

If your wedding dress has a long skirt or train made of tulle or fine fabrics like organza and silk, it would be best not to wear shoes with sharp tapered heels; the heels can get caught in the fabric easily, and before you know it, theres a big tear! To avoid this, brides can also get heel stoppers fixed onto the sharp heels - they allow you to balance better, walk easier and the heels wouldn't get caught in the fabric. 

If your dress has a big tulle skirt, it would best to wear shoes with less embellishments as these embellishments tend to catch onto the tulle easily as well.