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1. Don't do it too soon 
If you're going for a full head of colour, do it a week before the big day. Do it too soon and you run the risk of demarcation (when hair grows and you get the stark difference between your natural hair colour and the dyed colour). If you have to do it earlier, go for a balayage effect or highlights so the regrowth looks more natural.

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2. Skip the matchy-matchy look
"Some brides go for a hair colour that's similar to that of their evening gown. In some cases, it might work, but in others, it can look overwhelming, and also gives the makeup artist less options to play around with. Speak to your hairstylist (and makeup artist!) on the possibilities to go with your gown instead."

3. Take care of your hair!
You can walk out of the salon with the most beautiful tresses but if you don't keep it in good condition, it'll all go to waste. "Condition often, use a shampoo meant for coloured hair, and for brides who have had hair treated with harsh chemicals like bleach, go for a protein-based treatment. This can be purchased over-the-counter." Chester says. 

4. Be truthful about your hair colouring history
This helps your colourist determine the amount of dye, or technique to help achieve your dream hue. 

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5. Loose updos and braids look better with lighter coloured hair

"Brides-to-be wanting a loose updo or braided style, think a lighter hue or highlights. If your tresses are very dark, it's highly likely only the silhouette or shape of the hairdo can be seen, and the details will be barely visible, especially in pictures.

6. Dyed it black before? A lighter shade will be hard to achieve
Again, be truthful with your hairstylist. "If you've been dyeing your hair jet black multiple times, the amount black pigment is different along the length of your hair eg: 2 coats of dye towards the ends, and 1 coat nearer your roots. If the hair stylist isn't aware if it, it could lead to a potential disaster. Also, to correct the black colour would be more time-consuming and costlier for you." Moral of the story: if you have naturally dark hair, leave it be if you think you might want to try a lighter hue in the near future.

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