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9 ways to take the perfect engagement selfie!

Which gal wouldn't want the world to know her boyfriend just proposed, or that she's got a brand new rock on her finger? And if you're planning to spread the good news via IG or FB, here are some tips on nailing that perfect snap.

Plan that shot!

You may be eager to snap that pic of your ring at the moment of the proposal but it's always better to plan the shot after the event. When your nerves are still high and everyone is celebrating that moment, that can make for a spontaneous selfie pic but it may not show off the ring in the best light. So take a romantic snap of your proposal and after, but take time to plan for the perfet engagement selfie!

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It's all about the ring

You're engaged and everyone wants to know what the ring looks like! So focus your shot on THE RING! You can do it in many different ways: holding hands with your brand new fiancee, flaunting your ring finger to front and centre for the camera to focus on the ring, kissing the diamond with lush red lips etc etc. Just make sure all the details of your brand new engagement ring is sharp. 

Light it up!

Before you get too creative with your engagement selfie, remember to get the light right for your ring! It's all about the sparkle! The diamond and ring has to look beautiful and glittery in the pic. So angle it perfectly to catch the light for a dazzling result.

Perfect nails

Beautiful ring and... ugly nails? Get a manicure before taking a selfie! 

See how to get picture-perfect nails with these 6 tips, as well as these 12 on-trend nail art ideas to get you inspired!


Besides the nails, note the skin condition of your hands.If your skin is too dry, moisturise. If your skin condition is fine, add a light dewy layer for more sheen. Avoid putting too much moisturiser as your hands and fingers may end up looking too oily or shiny!

Check out these hand creams for smoother hands!

Get the angle right

Not everyone has beautiful hands, even with lovely skin and manicured nails, your hands may not look great close-up. Try snapping pics of your hands at different angles and once you've found the pose complimentary angle and 'hand-pose', relax your hands and take the shot.

Prop it up!

Another way to distract from not-so-beautiful hands is to use props! You can hold a bouquet of roses (so you don't show too much of your knobbly fingers!) or hold a pen whilst writing a fun message (so your hand looks slimmer!) Just remember to keep the focus on the ring.


It should reflect your personal style!

If you're a romantic, shoot your selfie with flowers in the background, or at the beach! If you're fashion-forward, clutching a designer handbag with your ring can make for an uber-stylish pic! Just add elements of your own personal style when styling your pic.


Use apps and filters

Not everyone can take great selfies, especially up-close pics. Once you've got the shot you like, enhance it and make it better with all the different apps online - like Snapseed! Play with the cropping, colour enhancements and more to make sure your pics is the perfect one.