Besides the wedding cake, bite-sized desserts are always a great draw for guests and they also ad a lot of colour and charm to your celebrations. Instead of ordering cooke-cutter bites, why not add some of your personal style to these yummy treats.  

1. Get the colour right

If you have a colour theme, try to have your desserts in the same hues. You can add flowers, trims, sprinkles and coloured icing to get the right shade. You may even want to create desserts in a contrasting colour to your main decor colour - for example lime green desserts as an accent to your bright blue wedding decor. Work with your planner on whats the best shade to have.

2. Your fave dessert

Make your dessert table personal and stock it up with sweet treats that you and your hubby love! It could be old-school goodies from your school days (sugared peanuts?) or macarons (see the prettiest macaron ideas - from place cards to favours) in the flavour that you love. Or the dessert you guys shared on your first date together. Have a sign explaining your selection of desserts - it can be something touching to share with your guests.

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3. Letters and initials!

If you're settling for something more generic - cakes, cookies or even doughnuts (see our top doughnut spreads here) - why not have them baked in letters that represent yours and hubby's initials! you could also have these initial added onto desserts like macarons and cupcakes. If you have a monogram designed for your wedding decor and stationery, use it as a decorative feature for your desserts as well. 

4. Add flowers and decorative details

You can always include elements from your wedding decor to the desserts - they may not be edible but they can be used to dress up the plate or even your wedding cake. Use sprigs of the same blooms you use for your bouquets to add a pretty accent to the dessert. If the flowers are edible, even better! You can ask add satiny ribbons, tiny paper flags, cute toothpick signages and bows to dress up the dessert plates.

5. Healthy options!

If you've always had a preference for healthy desserts - yoghurt, sugar or gluten-free cakes - there's no reasons why you can't have these options for your wedding dessert! Create these desserts yourself or work with a creative patisserie to come up with yummy treats that are great tasting without being sinful....

6. Queue for sweet treats!

Besides dessert buffets or plated versions, you can also have creative options like an ice-cream truck dishing out miniature sundaes or ice-cream sandwiches at your reception, especially if it's an outdoor fair. You could even create a DIY cupcake stand where guests can design their own toppings for plain cupcakes - perfect for instagramming!

7. Unique dessert bars

Your dessert bar can be an important aspect of your wedding decor, especially if it's all dressed up with decorative details! You can work with a wedding planner or stylist, or have fun with your bridal party to dress up your bar! Think of how these desserts will match the theme and add colour and details to the whole look. 

To save on props, you can even use your own furniture for the dessert bar - tables, bookshelves or even a chest of drawers all stocked with yummy treats! (See places to get home decor which you can use for your wedding too.)

8. Reflect your heritage!

I have been to many weddings where all the desserts were western confections. It would be nice if we had desserts that are reflective of our culinary heritage! The orders guests would love them! So think traditional desserts but update with unique accent flavours and served in more a more contemporary style. See how we used nonya kueh into our modern Peranakan inspired wedding spread, as well as traditional cake stalls in Singapore for favours and more.

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