Image: Her World Brides March 2015 

#1 Long and lovely... or not? 

True, long hair is versatile and can be transformed into many different gorgeous styles. But without the right care and maintenance, your mane will only end up looking damaged and unhealthy. "A bob that's well-conditioned and lustrous can look just as beautiful. And you don't necessarily need long locks for your big day. Speak to your stylist on the best length for your desired hairstyle, then maintain it," says Chester Wong, director of Hair Philosophy. If you're still bent on long locks, go for a regular trim as well as a protein-based treatment to keep it free of split-ends and beautiful. 


#2 Skipping on shine

"Even if you're not colouring your hair, a colour gloss treatment delivers a shiny look that looks great on your actual day as well as wedding photos. The best part? It lasts for up to about 28 washes," Chester says. 

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#3 Too little too late 

Give your glam squad a tight deadline to concoct something beautiful and it's likely to fall flat - your tresses included. Depending on the complexity of your do, it can take up a considerable time to achieve. Again, talk to your hairstylist so you allocate enough time. 


#4 Chopping your locks at the last minute

You want a fresh new look for your wedding. But just a couple days before the big day probably isn't the best idea. While a regular trim gets rid of damaged strands and split ends, a whole new look's definitely a risk you don't want to take right before you say "I do" - what if it turns out to be a disaster? Do yourself a favour and leave enough time to grow your hair out in case you hate your hair cut. 

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#5 Not having a backup plan

A professional hairstylist is unlikely to leave you hanging but things can happen (family emergencies, sudden illness etc). While some makeup artists can help with the hair, it's always best to stash some bobby pins, a bottle of hair spray and hair ties in your emergency bag in case you can't get a replacement. 


#6 Frying your hair

If you regularly use heat styling tools, you'll probably want to tone down on using them in the months before the wedding date, and use the lowest heat setting possible. High temperatures can make your mane susceptible to split ends and rough texture. Andin any case that you have to use them, don't forget your heat protectant spray. 


#7 Insisting on the exact style of your reference picture 

That updo on Pinterest can do absolutely stunning but don't expect your hairstylist to replicate it right down to the last curl, since different hair textures, length and your current style can affect the final look of the do. Instead, communicate with your hairstylist on the possibilities to go with your gown, and keep an open mind on his or her recommendations. 


#8 Colouring your hair too soon

Give your hair a brand new hue too early and you might have that awkward colour difference when your hair grows out otherwise known as demarcation. "A week before would be a good time to visit the salon," Chester shares. "Some stylists (depending on his/her expertise) also overtone the hair to make up for the wash out leading up to the big day, so you get the perfect shade on the actual day. " 

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