Wedding Advice

6 things you shouldn't forget for your ROM or solemnisation

Consult this checklist the night before the ceremony, or when you’re packing your things.

1. Form of identification
If your ceremony’s legally-binding, don’t forget any documents that will help prove who you are to the solemniser.

2. Wedding rings
You don’t want to be scrambling to find a pair of stand-in rings for the ceremony. It probably won’t have the same ring (pun unintended) to it if you borrow someone else’s bands, and wear yours after. While you're at it, don't forget the ring pillow too!

3. Wedding attire
In Singapore, your solemniser can reserve the right not to marry you if he or she thinks you’re not dressed appropriately for it. That said, after months of looking for the perfect dress and suit, it’d be a waste not to wear it on the day of, right? See also: short and chic dresses for the ROM, or wedding-worthy styles from fashion labels.

4. Your wedding vows
If you’re writing your own, don’t forget to bring them (unless you’ve got an eidectic memory and can remember what you wrote, or unless you’re writing them just minutes before the ceremony). See also: what to avoid in your vows and speeches.

5. Wedding decorations
You really should be getting these delivered or set up at the venue. But if not, don’t forget things like your bouquet, centre pieces, guestbook, as well as other things like balloons, photo frames, and so on.

6. Ang pow or gratuity money
It’s good form to offer a token sum as a gift to your solemniser to thank him or her for the help, and to pay for his or her transportation costs, parking and so on. See also: how much angpow you should be giving to your helpers and vendors.