Unless you are a super laid-back bride, chances are, you are panicking while thinking about all the possible things that could go wrong on your wedding day. After all, it takes months to plan your big day and sometimes even over a year.

Hence, it is but natural to feel anxious and nervous before your wedding. Fear not, ladies! Here are 6 most common pre-wedding fears and how to deal with them.

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1.  Unpredictable Weather

Singapore is known for its unpredictable showers and sometimes, the weather throws out the forecasts. Hence, there’s no way to be sure of the weather.

In such circumstances, be ahead of the game and come up with Plan B. If the celebration starts off smooth and the rain decides to pay a visit mid-way, embrace it without letting it wash away your mood. After all, you could always get a cute rain-wedding portrait!


2. Messing up your vows

Whether you’re comfortable with public speaking or not, reciting your wedding vows on the most important day of your life, and in front of all your friends and family can get you jittery.

The best way to deal with this fear, is to practice your vows well before the ceremony. It’s your big day, the guests won’t hold a little speaking slip-up against you!


3. Guests not showing up

The thoughts of an empty ceremony have resulted in sleepless nights of oh so many brides! Whether it’s those unanswered RSVPs or just the paranoia of people not turning up.

You know it well, just as we do, that your family and loved ones would love to be a part of the most important day of your life!

It’s a good idea to call and check on the unanswered RSVPs a week after the invites have been sent. You could always drop your invitees a reminder email before your wedding day.


4. Bad hair or makeup

All eyes on the bride! All women are under the pressure of looking their best on their wedding day. But at the same time, the negative thoughts of experiencing a bad hair day or badly applied make-up on your big day will surely creep into your mind.

It’s always important to have trial make-up sessions with your make-up artist way before your wedding day. This helps the make-up artist understand your skin and hair type.

This also gives you a clearer idea of what you want and what looks good. Play it safe. Don’t experiment with new products as this increases the risk of any uncalled-for skin reactions. Use the products that you know, suit you and you are all set!

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5. Not pleasing your guests

It’s common to worry about pleasing your wedding guests while planning for your wedding. It’s nearly impossible to decide your dinner menu or decor according to the taste of the numerous guests attending your wedding.

You need to come to terms with the fact that you can’t please all your guests and there might be some disgruntled remarks.

What’s most important here, is for you to choose what you like and enjoy since it’s your day and you will be the one paying for the various arrangements.


6. Tripping down the aisle

Out of all the fears listed, this is the most common and scariest one!

It’s every bride’s horror to fall flat on her face while the love of her life and all the guests are watching her walk down the aisle in the dress of her dreams.

To avoid this (uncommon) nightmare, pick a shoe you are comfortable in and not only because it looks pretty. Avoid high heels and dresses that are difficult to walk in.

Practice walking in your complete ensemble. Also, order a non-slip runner for the aisle instead of cloth or paper runner that are not easy to walk on.

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