Nail that sexy backless wedding dress with these 5 tips

Low-back or backless gowns are one of the most popular styles for brides right now. Here, 5 tips to pull off the look.

Get your glow on
Exfoliate regularly using a body scrub and/or loofah to slough off dead skin cells. If you work out or sweat easily, shower immediately after to prevent sweat and grime from clogging pores that cause acne. Use bodycare products formulated with salicylic acid to kill pimple-causing bacteria. Alternatively, if you have cash to spare, head to a spa or consult a beauty therapist on the best treatment for your skin type.

Work it
Unsightly back flab or bra bulge is the last thing you want to worry about when it comes to wearing your dream gown. For a toned sexy back, you'll need to focus on strengthening and sculpting your back muscles. Check out this 10 minute workout to sculpt your middle from Shape Singapore.  

Check for gaping
When trying on a backless dress, try sitting down, bending and leaning both backwards and forward. Some gowns mould beautifully to your skin and body shape when you are standing upright, but gape at the sides when you sit down. If you don't want to reveal any side boob (or nip slip!) on your big day, it's best to make sure you can move around comfortably in the gown. Or invest in good ol' fashion tape.

Wear the right bra
If your gown doesn't already come with padding, opt for backless or multi-way bras that also offer adequate support. Alternatively, you can also choose silicon stick-ons that give a natural shape.

How low can you go?
Watch where the seam stops. Anything that plunges down to your derriere suggests more racy than mysteriously sexy. For more feminine allure, we love ones with lace trims or romantic portrait backs.