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#1 Food + Alcohol 

Your guests have taken the time out to celebrate your most important day, so it's only polite to return the gesture with great food and beverages. It does't have to be super fancy, but should be good and plentiful. Inadequate food is a big no-no. Plus, the food is what most guests remember about the wedding, too. If you're having alcohol, it's always better to have some bottles left over rather than running out in the first hour.

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#2 Hair and makeup

Unless you're an expert yourself, it's best to leave your big day beauty look to a professional. Plus, what better way to start your wedding day than getting pampered with a makeover? 

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#3 Photographer/Videographer 

You want professionally shot pictures, and joyful moments captured in the most romantic ways. It's unlikely that your DSLR-wielding friend or family member would be able to capture it. If beautiful photos or a video of your special occasion are high on your priority list, then it's best to invest in a good photographer/videographer whose portfolio you love.


#4 Shoes

True, they are mostly hidden, especially if you're opting for a floor-length gown so there's no need to splurge on expensive footwear. But still, you shouldn't compromise the quality and comfort of your shoes to save a few bucks. You'll be in them through the day, and you don't want to spend the better half of your wedding hobbling around in pain. To really make the most of your shoes, choose ones that you'll likely wear after the wedding as well.

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#5 Venue

While there's nothing wrong with choosing a more frills-free venue, the safety and comfort of your guests shouldn't be compromised. Some venues might be cheaper, but don't offer necessities like tables and chairs, so you can end up spending more on rentals. 


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