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4 meaningful reasons why every bride should have a si dian jin set

The traditional Chinese custom is something that is still being practiced by Chinese couples even till today.

photo: Rebecca Lim in Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 collection


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What is it?

Si Dian Jin - which comprises a set of gold earrings, bangle, ring and necklace - originated from the Teochew dialect. It's a wedding custom where the groom’s mother would present the bride with this 'gift' to welcome her into the family and let her know that she will be well taken care of by them after marriage.

Today, the tradition is being practiced by most Singapore Chinese, regardless of dialect.


Here are 4 reasons why every bride should have Si Dian Jin:


1. It’s a promise

photo: Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 Oasis collection


There are some wedding traditions that have been forgotten or simply omitted, but the meaning that comes with the Si Dian Jin remains an enduring custom. 

The symbolism and promise this 'gift' represents is significant and meaningful, one that daughters-in-law of all ages will appreciate. It also sets the tone for your relationship with your mother-in-law and her family. 

In this gift-giving custom, it it actually the symbolic meaning of your in-laws' acceptance that is the best wedding gift you can receive from her family.


2. An heirloom to treasure 

photo: Rebecca Lim in Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 collection


Your Si Dian Jin is really worth more than the gold used to make it; it comes 'infused' and laden with well-wishes and highly symbolic meaning. As the first significant gift from your in-laws, this Si Dian Jin is really a family heirloom to treasure and leave for your children when they get married in the future. 

Even brides today will appreciate heirloom jewellery that is handed down through the generations; there is nothing quite like a a vintage piece of bling to add some brilliant sparkle to your everyday fashion.

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photo: Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 Oasis collection


3. It’s a form of blessing

Lest you think that only mothers-in-law are allowed to buy Si Dian Jin sets for their daughters-in-law, we have seen many instances where parents or grandparents purchase a set for their daughters and granddaughters as a form of blessing. Besides, Si Dian Jin in itself comes chock-full of significant symbolic meaning.

Take Goldheart’s 916 Si Dian Jin for instance. Its MODE Gold Dew collection is inspired by the delicate movement of water droplets, which is considered auspicious in Chinese culture.

photo: Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 Dew collection


4. It makes for wonderful memories and photographs

photo: Goldheart Jewelry MODE Gold 916 Dew collection


If you’re a bride who has received a set or know someone who has, you will know this: there is nothing like receiving a set to symbolise your transition from a single woman to a married one; a child to an adult. 

Receiving your Si Dian Jin on the day of your wedding during the tea ceremony from your parents or in-laws? Have your photographer and/or videographer on hand, so he or she may capture those touching moments for life.