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3 auspicious things to have in your bedroom for a better marriage and relationship

Feng Shui expert Wilfred Leu dishes on the importance of the little red-lamp and where you should place your wedding photo.

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Do you know what the little red-lamp is for?

The new red-lamp that newly married Chinese brides would bring to their nuptial bedroom is actually to enhance the bearing of children (adding a lamp in Chinese sounds like adding children). I have found some healthy couples unable to conceive and most of the time, this red-lamp was damaged or its battery ran flat on the day of the wedding. To mitigate this is to put this lamp on the west sector of the wedding room on a predetermined date and time and have it turned on from 5pm to 7pm.

How should one decorate the bedroom for the wedding?

The room should be clean and bright when curtains are drawn, with fitted with a good mix of direct and indirect/ plane lights. You may decorate with colors related to red (some amount of pink is accepted), but these colors in the bedroom should be changed about 3 days after the wedding day. Red can cause anxiety and pink can draw unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

Where should you place your favorite big wedding photo?

The wedding photo of the two of you is one of the key symbol of your wedded bliss and you can place them in your bedroom. In general, if you do not know both your husband and your birth charts, you may place the wedding photo in the North-West of your bedroom. You should not place the photo image in front of a mirror. Do not place photo above your bed or on your bedroom because that could affect your sleep and it is a potential hazard if it ever drop down on both of you while you are resting.

 Wilfred uses the Feng Shui system established by the Chinese Imperial Palace in both the Qing and Ming dynasties - “The Imperial Complete Books of the Four Repositories”, "The Complete Collection of the “Imperial Encyclopedia” and “The Yongle Encyclopedia”. These more methodical systems were considered "official" in those times. For appointments and personal consultations, e-mail:

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