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"I love that he's always there for me and is my rock!" - Jean Danker on her relationship with Glenn Ong

The radio deejay also spoke to us about love, the dress shopping process, wedding details and more.


When Jean and Glenn came over for our interview and photo shoot in November 2016, their love was evident for all to see. The pair were at their best, as they exchanged witty anecdotes and shared touching moments from their seven-year relationship. Here, we spoke to Jean on what she loves most about Glenn, how the proposal happened, her wedding plans, dress shopping details, and more.

Hi Jean! Can you tell us: how did Glenn propose?
He was too cute. We’d bought dinner from a hawker centre to share at my parents’ place. Later, he called out to me from one of the bedrooms. And, there he was, on both knees. His proposal was simple and sweet. More importantly, it took place at my family home.  

So when did you figure out it was time to start planning?
I took a two-week vacation on my own in late June in 2016. While I was away, I got to thinking about our lives and the big picture. Then I asked myself: ‘Would it matter a hundred years from now if I was not married to Glenn?’ The answer was yes. We've spent years together already and love each other deeply. It just felt completely right and natural.

You decided it was time in July 2016, which left you with just five months to prepare for it. How did you both cope, while still working?
Thank goodness for our wedding planner, Cheryl Tan of The Wedding Concepteur. We’ve been meeting with her at least once every fortnight to catch up on all the things we need to do. I usually reply to her e-mails and texts later at night after my radio show. I don’t let the nitty-gritty get to me, so decisions are made quickly. You could say I'm bridechilla – the anti-bridezilla!


When we spoke in Sept 2016, your wedding was just three months away. Did you begin to feel the stress – maybe just a little?
The first thing I did after deciding it was time was to buy my gown – a Berta Bridal from Belle & Tulle. Honestly, that's the thing I was most concerned about. It arrives in late November. As for the cake, flowers and stuff, I’ve squared those away with Cheryl, and Glenn’s in charge of the stage and the whisky bar. I figure everything that needs to be done will get done when the time comes, so no point stressing. I just really wanna show up on Dec 16 (2016) and party with the people I love! 

How was your dress shopping process like?
I was scrolling through Instagram when I found Berta’s dresses. I love that they weren’t ballgown-y, but was made of lace, had a fitting silhouette. It was trendy yet still looked bridal. So I went to Belle & Tulle, where they stocked Berta’s dresses, and I purchased it on my first appointment!

You told AsiaOne that you will be having an outdoor solemnisation in Sentosa, followed by a reception for about 300 guests.
Yes, we’re getting married at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa’s Straits Veranda, outside the Straits Ballroom. My sister Sharon held her wedding there around five years ago. Glenn and I have always loved that place, so it was our first choice and, thank goodness, it was available on the date we wanted. The reception will be in the Straits Ballroom, which only fits 25 tables. I've always wanted a smallish wedding, so this was an easy choice. 

I won’t be having a maid of honour or bridesmaids, as I want to keep things simple. It’s a marriage not a money business. I don’t want to get swept away by the whole affair. Honestly, if I could do it all over again, I’d just go to the ROM and say “surprise!” when the deed is done.

Can you picture your big day now?   
Yes. Everyone is having a good time and all the love in the room is real. That's my dream wedding!

Look out for the couple's adorable video plus full article in the March 2017 issue!

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