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Actor Chen Tianwen plays Lulu's Singaporean online boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

Chen, 53, also met his China-born wife Bao Xiao Hui online, and was teased about the similarities between himself and his on-screen character by host Pornsak Prajakwit during the press conference for Lulu The Movie.'

"Yes, my wife and I did meet and communicate through (Chinese social network) Weibo," Chen told TNP in an interview.

"But unlike in the movie, she knew exactly who I was. Lulu's character thought she was meeting Brad's handsome brother Leon (played by Leon Jay Williams), and was disappointed by me."

Chen described Brad as a "good, honest guy who is a bit 'orbit' (Singlish for embarrassingly unfashionable)". While his character woos Lulu with sumptuous claypot dishes, Chen said with a laugh that he does not cook for his wife at all.

"I can only make Maggi Mee, maybe," he said.

Chen, who enjoyed a resurgence in fame last year after his song Unbelievable went viral online, hopes audiences will enjoy the lightheartedness of Lulu The Movie.

"It's a comedy, but it also makes you think. It's about a brave woman who follows her dreams to come to Singapore, and I find Lulu a really inspiring character."

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