No More Eye Bags! 5 reasons why you need this cream for your wedding day!

Want to look absolutely radiant and fresh on your wedding day without eye bags or dark rings? Get rid of them instandly with Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles eye cream - your bags and circles will be reduced by 75% in two minutes!
Easy-to-use and hassle free
Your eye bags and dark rings have been bugging you all your life and with all the stress of your wedding prep, they’re only going to get worse! Well stress no more! Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Rings eye cream will solve all your problems in a jiffy!
**picture shows actual results
All you need is a small amount of the cream( the size of a grain of rice is adequate). Tap it on gently, and wait for two minutes for absorption - your ticket to instantly brighter eyes!
Here are 5 reasons why you should get the Remescar Eye Bags And Dark Circles eye cream for your wedding day and after!
1. Don’t look tired after your stressful wedding prep!
If you’re still wrapping guest favors or confirming the seating plan till wee hours in the morning, you’re bound to have tired eyes, dark rings and heavy eye bags on your wedding day.
Just a dab of Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles eye cream and your eye problems will be gone instantly! Thanks to the combination of clay minerals and bi-peptide complex found in the cream, the skin around your eyes will be tightened and water accumulation will be decreased, resulting in less puffy eyes.
2. Look fabulous for your wedding shoot
Remescar Eye Bags And Dark Circles eye cream will help you save time and cut the hassles: you won’t have to wait for the perfect time or light for that perfect pic! No more dark and harsh shadows under your eyes or angling your face in awkward poses to catch the right lighting for your shoot too.a jiffy!
3. Look your best for overseas weddings and shoots
Planning your celebration or shoot overseas and only getting to the destination the day before your shoot? You can still look your best even if you’re suffering from jet-lag or look exhausted from all that travelling.
With Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles eye cream, you’ll get to enjoy the most of your day without having to set aside rest time to recover from the effects of travelling.
4. Emote your happiness!
You don’t want to look fatigued or drained on your big day, and tired-looking peepers do just that. With beautiful eyes you will look truly radiant and joyous for your wedding - at any occasion! With Remescar Eye Bags And Dark Circles eye cream you Emote your joy and happiness through sparkling eyes for all your guests to see!
5. Venue lighting won’t be a problem!
We love to make a dramatic entrance to our weddng banquet with flashing coloured lights but the downside is these lights wont exactly show you up beautifully.
With Remescar Eye Bags And Dark Circles eye cream you wont have to worry about the venue lighting casting deep shadows under your eyebags - you wont have any!
6. Share it with your loved ones and friends!
Even though you’re the star of the day, get your family members and bridesmaids looking beautifully radiant at your wedding as well! A beauty secret like this is just too good not to share!
Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is priced at $52 and is available at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, Sa Sa stores,, Redmart and