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Your first Christmas! 7 new traditions to start as a married couple

Mark your first major holiday together (if you tied the knot after the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali breaks) as a twosome with these fun customs.

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1. Two's a party
If your families don't have their own obligations to fulfil, consider having one large party with both sides (including relatives) together at yours, or a relative's house that's big enough to fit everyone in.

2. Count down the days together
Make the countdown fun by exchanging specially-made or crafted advent calendars that contain all the things you or your partner love.

3. Cosy at home
Don't like large parties? Be home alone and soak up the holiday mood with a festive film, sweaters, and lots and lots of Christmas goodies.

4. Help the needy
The best gift, is the gift of love. And that's something you can consider doing with your husband on this special season. Look to causes that're close to your heart, and ask if you can help in one way or another.

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5. Go caroling
There's something special about spreading the Christmas cheer to everyone around. Even if you can't hold a tune, the sentiment is there (and we're sure it'll be much appreciated).

6. Take a Christmas photo for your yearly card
Have fun with your Yuletide greetings by taking a goofy pic every year. It'll be fun to note new additions or developments as the years go by.

7. Shop for your tree
If you've got space for a Christmas tree at home, make it a point to include a new ornament - whether it's a classic glittery ball or a fun cartoon character you love - with your husband every year. 

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