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Get out of the bedroom! 5 other places to get hot and heavy at home

Whether it’s the kitchen counter or the rug in the living room, you’ll never be able to look at these the same way again.

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1. On top of the washing machine
Do it, especially on laundry day, and enjoy the rhythmic speed of the machine when it’s switched on.

2. On the couch
You might've been there already, but if you’re still staying with your parents after marriage, a little excitement (of knowing you’ve got the entire place to yourself) won’t hurt.

3. On the stairs
If you’re living in an apartment or landed property with two storeys or more, put this to good use by trying a position (where you both don’t have to crouch), or contort into weird angles.

4. In the shower
While you’re helping each other lather up, one thing can quickly lead to another, when you both already have your clothes off.

5. The dining room
Add more than spice to your sex life with an impromptu session after your meal. We’re also assuming you’ve got a dining table that’s big or long enough to hold the both of you, of course.

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