Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang’s wedding will probably continue to be the talk of the town (or the world) for the rest of the month. The pair got hitched two days ago in a private ceremony.

While there aren’t a lot of photos online because the couple had beseeched guests not to take photos, based on the ones we saw, both looked gorgeous.

Moka wore the qun kua before changing into a white gown for the dinner. Outfits aside, her makeup was on-point too. Read on to find out how you can get her bridal look! 


1. Don’t forget your brows

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Moka always makes sure her brows are on-point, and this was no different on her wedding day. To have brows like the 29-year old, choose an eyebrow pencil with a narrow tip for better control. If you have coloured hair, it’s best to tint your brows using an eyebrow mascara in a shade lighter than your dye job.

Try: Benefit Cosmetics’s Precisely, My Eyebrow Pencil, $42


2. Go for a subtle smokey eye

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Apply champagne or beige eyeshadow all over your lids to the brow bones to brighten up your eye area. Then, pat on brown eyeshadow on your lids, and if you need to deepen your crease, choose a medium shade of grey to add definition. Don’t go for the dramatic smokey eye because you’ll definitely sweat under the spotlight, and smudged smokey eye is not a good look.

Try: ZOEVA En Taupe Palette, $39, Sephora


3. Use a bright pink blush to look like a blushing bride

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Moka’s cheeks were tinted pink, and though we suspect its partially due to happiness, the bright pink blush made her look more awake (because we all know sleep doesn’t come easy for brides the night before due to nerves and excitement). Moka chose to emphasise on the apples of her cheeks, so to emulate this, deposit most of the colour from your brush onto the apples of your cheeks, and then use the remaining colour to extend toward your temples.

Try: LANCÔME Blush Subtil Cushion in 024 Sparkling Framboise, $55


4. Tone down the lip colour

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

While strong colours like red look good in photos, you run the risk of the colour fading halfway through your ceremony, especially after food and drinks. And there’s nothing more unflattering than taking a photo with your lip outlined and most of the colour gone. Opt for a light pink colour so that even if the colour fades, it will be close to your natural lip colour. Light colours also make smudges less obvious, especially in photos.

Try: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in 550 Tease, $50


5. Falsies or eyelash extensions?

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Most brides would opt for falsies on their wedding day to make their lashes appear longer and fuller. However, if you have naturally long lashes, consider skipping the falsies and opt for mascaras. In this way, you won’t run into the mishap of having a missing falsie after crying. Alternatively, opt for eyelash extensions to avoid the problem.

Try: TARTE Tarteist PRO Cruelty-free lashes in Sweetheart, $18, Sephora


6. To highlight and contour?

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Moka chose to forgo contouring and only opted for subtle highlights, which makes her makeup look more natural. However, if Kim Kardashian’s kind of look is what you fancy, there’s nothing wrong with going for a full contour/highlight. Just make sure everything is blended well.

Try: Laneige Brush Highlighter


7. Braided hair

7 ways to get Moka Fang's radiant bridal look!

Chignon is the go-to hairstyle for most brides, especially when donning their traditional bridal outfit, but Moka switched things up with a Heidi braid. Of course, you need long and pretty thick hair to pull this look off. Don’t have long, thick tresses? Fret not, just jazz up your look with hair accessories, like the rose accessory that Moka wore.

Try: Antique Gold Peace and Love Cord with Braided Faux Suede Cuff Bracelet, $5.40, Claire’s


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