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1. On four wheels
Looking to show off your ride? Consider driving in to your solemnisation ceremony if your venue has the space for it.

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2. Organise a flash mob
Give guests something to talk about with a performance only you and your wedding party know about. Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen walk into the venue normally first, and have the DJ or band switch up to a more upbeat song for the flash mob to begin when you and your husband are being announced in.

3. Add on the drama
If you’ve got the budget, ask your planner or coordinator if you can arrange for a built-in entrance (such as coming up through the floor in the middle), or appear from the stage instead of the ballroom doors. The possibilities are endless.


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4. Confetti drop
This will make an impact and impress guests, but you’ll have to take note of the venue restrictions, clean-up, and so on. I wouldn’t suggest you attempt this at the reception unless you can find a way to clean up your guests’ plates quickly before the first course starts!

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5. Theme it
If you’re both avid runners like Romona and Lincoln (pictured above), transform your aisle into a running track with the finish line at the altar or at the entrance, when you’re both walking up the aisle after exchanging vows. It’s such a cute idea, and one guests won’t forget soon.

6. Light up
Lights can really make or break the mood, and with more Singapore venues offering lighting options for your wedding, make full use of them. Or, take it up a notch by seeking the services of a special lighting company, which can help project images, flying dragons, fireworks and so on, onto the venue before your march-in.

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