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5 meaningful ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

Whether you're splurging on a fancy dinner date, or opting for a night in, here, tips to mark your significant milestone.

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1. Theme it
Anniversary symbols are a great way to start, if you don't know where to begin. Think along the lines of your symbol (for instance, paper for first years, cotton for second years, leather for third... and the list goes on), and incorporate it into your celebrations. Think in terms of gifts, places to go, things to do, and so on.

2. Throwback
There's no better time to visit memories than your anniversary. Ideas include recreating your wedding dinner menu (for two), your first date, the place where he proposed, or even heading to each spot that has witnessed a milestone or significant moment in your relationship.

3. A quiet day or night in
If grand gestures aren't your thing, lounging in the comforts of your living room or your bedroom, wrapped in each other's embrace, is as meaningful, too.

4. Do something new
Always wanted to try something with your spouse, but never gotten round to doing so? Your anniversary's a great excuse to explore new ways to celebrate!

5. A photo shoot
If you've got the budget, consider having one taken every year, and compile it in an album. If not, have one professionally taken during significant years, or during your fifth, tenth, twentieth etc.

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