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#1 Reflect

What's the thing you love most about your special other? Do you have any memorable moments to highlight? What was the most touching thing he or she has ever done for you, and how do you envision your life together? Take some time to reflect on this with a pen and paper. You don't have to include all of it in your vows, but writing it down will help in figuring out the best pieces to highlight. Not quite sure where to start? Take your cue from these Asian celebrities


#2 Inject humour

If either of you have any funny quirks or hilarious moments that will have giggles erupting from everyone, don't be afraid to include them in your vows. Remember though, that any jokes you make shouldn't be too cryptic or at the expense of anyone, especially your spouse. 

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#3 Make a promise

Promising to be there for each other in times of sickness and in health is romantic, but well, it can be kind of... generic. Aside from these age-old words of affirmation, include ones that are personal to the both of you. One ultra-sweet example? Local host and comedian Jeremy Chan, who promised to kiss his wife and actress Jesseca Liu "before I leave the house everyday, and every night before we sleep. PS: Even if you haven't brushed your teeth."


#4 Get inspiration from song lyrics

There are tons of songs with meaningful lyrics that you can either borrow from or tweak to suit your own love story. One such song? All of Me by John Legend, inspired by his #couplegoals relationship with Chrissy Teigen. 


#5 Practice makes perfect

Reading it in your head will probably sound very different from actually reading it aloud. Read it aloud to yourself, or to a close one or family member - you'll be less likely to stumble on the actual day. It should also be more conversational rather than sound like you're reading from a script.  

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