These tips from makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts will go a long way in helping you save money and have you look flawless leading up to your big day.

1. Get the most out of your loose powder

We know most of you would use loose powder for finishing off a look and mattifying skin when it starts to get oily but did you know, you could actually use loose powder for so much more than that?

Out of dry shampoo? Use loose powder!

Want thicker lashes while using mascara? Brush some loose powder on your lashes and coat with mascara once more.

2. Use moisturiser to dilute the colour of blush, bronzer and eyeshadow

Just adding a little bit (and we mean a little bit!) of moisturizer onto the apples of your cheeks where you put blusher can help to soften its look and give yourself a natural finish.

3. Use face mist for just about anything

Dry skin? Face mist.

Need a caffeine-free pick me up? Face mist.

Need to set your makeup? Face mist. 

Need we continue? 

4. Use face oil to get rid of flakiness

Avoid uneven makeup application even if your skin is  flaking out on you in more ways than one.

The next time you're experiencing flakiness and dry skin, spot treat with some face oil and proceed to apply your makeup with a moist Beauty Blender or sponge.

5. Give your lipstick more definition with blusher

Want to up your lipstick game? 

Dab a little blush onto your lips once you've applied lipstick.


This article was first published in Singapore's Woman Weekly.