RECIPE: Quick and easy seafood kueh pie tee

This popular Peranakan treat uses a combination of seafood such as prawns, scallops and a medley of vegetables for a dish that is easy to put together and delicious to eat.

RECIPE: Quick and easy seafood kueh pie tee

Photo: Singapore Press Holdings

Here's a dish that is not difficult to put together and will please your guests.

Kueh pie ti doesn't take much skill if you follow the steps here - that is, use ready-made kueh pie ti cups.

There's no need to break your back and spend precious time painstakingly frying the kueh pie ti cups one by one, especially when they are so easily available around the festive period.

I went pork-free for this year's kueh pie ti and used a combination of seafood instead.

I got good quality frozen seafood and that solves the problem of hunting for fresh ingredients during the Chinese New Year holidays.

The crab meat added an incredible sweetness to the filling.

The only tricky part is getting fresh coriander leaves, which is a must-have garnish.

Also, I included bean sprouts, sometimes called "silver sprouts" in Chinese, in the filling as they symbolise a good start to the year.

But if you can't get hold of bean sprouts, I don't think it will make the dish any less tasty.


1 box of 30 kueh pie ti cups
50g dried prawns, soaked and chopped
100g crab meat
150g prawns
5 Canadian scallops, sliced into little pieces
60g bean sprouts
2 medium-sized carrots, shredded
400g jicama, shredded
3 garlic cloves, chopped
5 stalks fresh coriander, torn
2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
2 tbsp cooking oil


2 tbsp oyster sauce
A few dashes of white pepper


Heat oil in wok and fry the garlic until fragrant. Add in the dried prawns. Fry for two minutes.

Add in the carrots and fry for two minutes.

Add in the jicama.

Add in one tablespoon of the oyster sauce and a dash of pepper.

Add in the prawns, scallops and crab meat. 

Add in the remaining oyster sauce and some pepper.

Once the prawns are nearly orange in colour, throw in the bean sprouts and stir-fry for two minutes.

Fill the kueh pie ti cup with the filling and garnish with chopped egg and a coriander leaf. Top it off with some garlic chilli.

This recipe was originally published in The New Paper