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It’s tempting to skip gym day when it’s grey and gloomy outside, but don’t jump off the fitness bandwagon. Try doing these YouTube exercises from the comfort of your own home instead! 

Work your butt and thighs
Perfect even for beginners, this butt lifting and thigh sculpting workout by Cassey Ho of Blogilates will give you a perky derriere. Best of all, it’s a no-equipment workout so all you need is a mat. There are many moderations for the various exercises as well to suit all levels.

Work your core
This 10-minute sequence by trainer and fitness personality Rebecca Louise will torch belly fat and give your core a good workout. You’ll be doing a series of moves for just 30-seconds at a go, but be prepared to sweat.

Work your arms
Lifestyle and wellness coach Tracy Campoli takes you through her five best arm exercises for women in this quick six-minute video. You’ll need weights for this if you want to feel a stronger burn.

Work your whole body
This full-body cardio workout will torch calories and help you tone up. There are two parts to this and no official rest time between exercises, so you can expect it to be tough. Psst, even the trainer herself gets tired, so just do your best!


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