These lightweight running shoes don’t weigh you down, yet give good support and comfort. We hit the pavement with these four pairs.


New balance running shoeEditor’s Rave: NEW BALANCE MINIMUS IONIX 3090
$155, from New Balance concept stores in Singapore

WEIGHT 147g per side

FIT & COMFORT The shoes fitted me just right. They were comfortably airy; my feet didn’t feel warm at the end of my run.

SUPPORT The insoles gave my arches good support – better than the Mizuno pair, but slightly less than the Nike shoes. The soles cushioned my feet well; I didn’t feel the impact even when I was sprinting. I could also run further and longer in them.

VERDICT 9. Good balance between weight and support, for a good price. I totally enjoyed my run – I barely felt the shoes on my feet.



Review: Lightweight running shoesGreat Find: NIKE LUNAR GLIDE+ 4
$199, from Nike stores in Singapore

WEIGHT 140.5g per side

FIT & COMFORT The shoes fit like a sock. They were very snug all around, but there was still enough room for me to wiggle my toes. After 10 minutes of running, my feet started to feel slightly warm, but not uncomfortably so. The soles of the shoes look solid and heavy, but when worn, they didn’t feel heavy or bulky at all.

SUPPORT This pair absorbed impact the best, even when I landed with some force or hopped on one foot. I could run further in them – they cushioned my feet well and didn’t leave me with pain in my shins or knees after jogging for 30 minutes.

VERDICT 8.5. Gave the best support and cushioning.



Review: Lightweight running shoesREEBOK REAL FLEX
$149, from Reebok Paragon in Singapore

WEIGHT 190g per side, the heaviest of the lot

FIT & COMFORT Despite its weight, it looked and felt the least bulky, thanks to its thin material. Its streamlined design squashed my toes a little. The insoles seem to fit narrow feet better; I kept feeling as if the sides of my feet were not that well supported.

SUPPORT There was adequate support for my arches while the soles minimised impact as I pounded the pavement. There was very little cushioning at the back of the ankle though, but the shoes didn’t chafe.

VERDICT 7. The fit could be better, but it absorbs impact well. Good support for narrower feet.



Review: Lightweight running shoesMIZUNO PRECISION 13
$199, from selected World of Sports stores in Singapore

WEIGHT 113.5g per side, the lightest of the lot

FIT & COMFORT They fitted me well, but I wish there was more support at the arches. The lack of cushioning there caused my knees to ache after running for about 10 to 15 minutes. However, my blistered heels (from wearing a new pair of work shoes) were braced well – the back of the shoe was made of a comfortable material and relieved the pain somewhat. This pair had better ventilation and was more breathable than the Nike pair, so my feet didn’t feel warm, even after my 30-minute run.

SUPPORT The soles didn’t cushion impact well, although they were quite bouncy when I hopped on one foot. The balls of my feet could have used more support, too, during sprinting. Discomfort dogged my run throughout.

VERDICT 6. Had minimal cushioning and didn’t absorb shock as well as the others.


All shops are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her November 2012.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the store for the latest availability and pricing information.