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Achieve radiant, translucent and more youthful looking skin as these products transform the complexion, and replenish moisture for optimum hydration. The hamper consists of: • Intensive Renewal Toner With Mandelic Acid (150ml);
• Daily Renewal Lotion With Mandelic Acid (50ml); • Ultimate Hydrating Mask Set (eight sheets). Both the toner and lotion contain mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds that helps to accelerate cell renewal by gently exfoliating dead surface cells, which can lead to dullness and fi ne lines, in order to reveal soft, smooth and healthier-looking skin. Mandelic acid is also said to fortify collagen, which gives skin its youthful firmness. And, as it does all this without causing irritation or peeling, it has been found suitable for sensitive skin, too. The mask gives your skin an instant and lasting boost of hydration with three types of hyaluronic acids that work on different layers to optimise moisture levels. Made of top-grade cotton, each ultra-thin sheet mask is ergonomically cut to fi t your facial contours, and carries 13 times its own weight inserum, so your skin gets some serious pampering. Use the mask twice or thrice weekly for well moisturised, younger-looking skin every day.