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KIA Special

There’s no avoiding traffic snarls with city driving, whether you’re dropping the kids off at school in the morning or experiencing bumper-to-bumper traffic during your peak hour commutes. But with the Kia Carens 7-seater MPV, you can at least enjoy the ride. From its sporty and stylish aesthetics to its host of functional and innovative features, this seven-seater has all the trappings of your dream family ride.



If you’re expecting a fuel guzzler in this compact MPV, you’ll be surprised. This diesel-powered ride comes with an Active ECO System that automatically controls the engine and transmission control systems to cut fuel consumption. This means you’ll get a remarkable 19.2km for each litre – all without compromising on performance. Kia is even offering a five-year unlimited mileage warranty against materials and workmanship defects, and a 10-year engine warranty.


Extremely drivable, the people carrier offers flex steer with three settings: Comfort, Normal and Sport. A small turning radius (the full diameter of the smallest circle the car makes when completing a turn) of just 5.5m means it is superb at navigating tight parking spaces and making U-turns. And on longer drives, you’ll appreciate its unique organ-type accelerator pedal that ensures comfort of operation and smooth acceleration all at once.



Besides nifty features like keyless entry, a steering wheel remote control for the audio system, Bluetooth and auto cruise control, there’s also ample room for comfort in the Kia Carens. 

Geared to adapt and adjust to your every lifestyle need or wherever your family adventures take you, its front passenger and individual seats are easy to recline or fold flat. This gives you the flexibility to configure the vehicle’s seats to suit your cargo and passenger needs, whether it’s making room for that extra-long DIY project, sports equipment, luggage or a weekend outing with the extended family.

What’s more, there’s even a dual-zone auto climate control that allows for different temperature settings for the driver and front-seat passenger, cabin insulation, and rear air vents that ensure your little ones stay cool in the heat.


Safety also features strongly here. Think a six-airbag system (driver, passenger, front side and curtain airbags); cruise control with speed limiter, traction and electronic stability control systems; a high driving position and wide windscreen offering optimal visibility, as well as six parking sensors located in the front and rear.




Head down to the Kia showroom
(239 Alexandra Road, tel: 6427-8888) with your family to
test-drive this brand-new, diesel-powered, seven-seater MPV.


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