With the experience of the Versace for H&M madness under their belts, most of the hard-core fashion fans turned up for the Marni for H&M launch significantly more prepared.

Marni at H&M
The scene just minutes from store opening time, 8am

The earliest person in the queue for Versace x H&M turned up at 4pm the day before, but the first three people in queue at Marni x H&M turned up at 12.45pm yesterday, determined to buy almost everything from the collection.

Bloggers Dinie Rahman and Ridhwan Sesapar of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, 23 and 24 respectively, decided to head down to H&M almost 20 hours early to join the queue because they wanted to be sure they got what they wanted.

Marni at H&M
(Right) Ridhwan, (Left) Dinie

“At the Versace x H&M collection the last time, we only joined the queue at 12 midnight and that was too late because by the time it was our turn to shop, all the small sizes ran out. That’s why this time we decided to start queuing early because I think size S is a popular size,” Dinie said.

Just like the Versace x H&M launch, customers were allowed into the shopping area in groups and given 10 minutes to shop, with limitations of one piece per style per colour.

Marni at H&M

As before, the whole affair was a civil one. Neither fistfights nor catfights broke out, and while the atmosphere was somewhat a stressful one, it didn’t descend into utter chaos, most likely due to how efficient the H&M staff was in replenishing the racks.

The racks we noticed cleared the fastest seemed to be the ones that held the womens’ t-shirts and the ones that held the silk colour-block tops and dresses, but it looks like H&M predicts the more iconic pieces to be the collection’s best-sellers.

“Based on stylists’ feedback, we believe the brocade and the polka-dotted twin sets will sell out the fastest, and accessories-wise, the sequin collars seem like they’ll be pretty popular as well,” says Lisa Chai, H&M’s PR and Marketing manager.

Watch out for our video of the shopping frenzy this morning as well as mini interviews with a few of the happy shoppers, but for now, take a look at some of our photographs of the event.