Illuminate your loved ones’ world with glamorous gifts from an iconic brand

Whenever Christmas comes around, the image of a Robin’s Egg blue box adorned with a perfectly cinched white satin ribbon, is a dream shared by women all over the world
Make The World Sparkle - A gift from Tiffany & Co. makes the world a brighter, more wonderful place
Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been illustrating the world’s greatest love stories through their exquisite and glamorous jewellery pieces. It has done it so brilliantly that it is sets the standard as a universal symbol of romance.

This year, unlock your own story and illuminate your significant other’s world with the magical touch of something special from Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany T Square and Wire Bracelets
Tiffany T Square and Wire Bracelets


Modern and sleek with an unrivaled sense of refined luxury, the Tiffany T collection will leave you and your partner hopelessly enamoured.

An elegant bracelet featuring the iconic T motif, you can choose from bold cuffs or delicate wires that wrap around the wrists beautifully, serving as a sweet symbol of your unbreakable bond as a couple.

For the ladies who enjoy some twinkle, the bracelets adorned with dazzling diamonds will set your hearts aflutter.

Tiffany’s East West
Tiffany's East West

Marked by clean lines and a crisp rectangular shape, the Tiffany East West watches are remarkable timepieces that defy the rules of watchmaking. Who says you have to play by the rules?

This idiosyncratic design embodies wit and charm, and would make the perfect gift for someone who is insouciantly cool and exudes a certain air of nonchalance.

Tiffany’s Keys
Tiffany’s Keys

You may have given her the key to your heart, but the Tiffany key means so much more to her. In fact, the Tiffany key was created to represent the potential that every woman has in her.

Worn alone or layered, it serves as an emblem of all her accomplishments thus far in life, and a symbol of her radiant future.

Tiffany T Two Ring
Tiffany T Two Ring


Elevate life’s mundanity and learn how to expect the unexpected with Tiffany’s sculptural T Two ring.

Embodying sleek lines and timeless sophistication, this collection will not just be another bauble. This gift holds the promise of love and is the beaming embodiment of your love for each other.

Tiffany T Wrap
Tiffany T Wrap

As one of the newest babies in the Tiffany & Co. family, this statement making cuff stands out for anyone in the know.

Packing an edgy punch, this bold collection has a universal appeal that suits him or her.

The dynamic design features a graphic interpretation of the iconic T and is available in two versions; full metal for the edgy and suave or embellished with paved diamonds for the unapologetically lavish.