Singapore now has the king of passports – Now cloak it in glory

Singapore recently made the headlines for having the most powerful passport in the world (we tie with Germany). We now empower your travel exploits further with these 9 gorgeous passport covers

Printed-textured leather passport cover, $419, from Dolce & Gabbana via Net-a-Porter

Embrace #thetropicallife with this super vibrant leather passport cover that inspires us to have fruitful travels and bountiful journeys. Who’s ripe for a Hawaiian getaway?

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Make magic bunny passport holder, $119, from Kate Spade

Abracadabra! Wow, this sparkly passport holder reminds us that every vacay should be a magical experience: Transportation to a different world, indecipherable tongues, chance encounters with tall, dark strangers, seeking unimaginable thrills, having your soul searched… and of cos, in a land where no one recognises you, the cheek to wear a different hat.

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Spice things up camel passport holder, $170, from Kate Spade

It’s impossible to ignore an otherworldly creature all-dolled-up with colourful studs, tassels and trinkets, no? Such exotica is a harbinger of things to come. Bon voyage.

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Snake-effect leather passport cover, $178, from The Case Factory via Net-a-Porter

This one’s for you, leather lovers. Stay on top of your game, right down to your passport, with this unique python-effect leather cover that graduates from an alluring sky-blue to brown and pink.  

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Go baby go passport case, $228.80, from Yazbukey via Shopbop

If you need a reminder to always set your sights on the vast world out there, you know what to do. We’re so digging the cheery orange contrasted with a cobalt blue. Time to pin-down your next destination. 

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Hawthorne lane roses passport holder, $70, from Kate Spade

Here’s an ultra classy design you can’t miss. This passport holder keeps things understated with just a few blossoms painted with delicate brushstrokes. It somehow has a therapeutic effect, a panacea to the maddening pace that plague some of our escapades. Take time to smell the roses, we say.

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Cameron street confetti dot passport holder, $140, from Kate Spade

This chic passport holder just hits all the right notes, from the classic monochrome stripes to the spray of confetti dots. Don’t you wish this dainty design came in a wallet version so you can flaunt it all day, every day too?

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Sass & Belle flamingo passport holder, $13.72, from Asos

You can never go wrong with a pastel-blue-and-pink combo, what’s more, with pretty flamingos and stars in the background. Now, the Instagram snap of your air ticket will look so on point.

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New York City skyline passport holder, $133.90, from Lazada

Coming from a concrete jungle, we could always do with a breathtaking city skyline on our passports. *Music cue for Frank Sinatra’s Empire State of Mind*

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