Nicholas Kirkwood: I don't have many shoesNicholas Kirkwood only owns three pairs of shoes.

The famed footwear designer's creations have been donned by stars including Tilda Swinton and he is now working on a range for men.

The star has joked one of the reasons he is branching out is so he can find designs he wants to wear.

"[I only own] three pairs, I will probably have more once I launch men's," he explained.

Nicholas' female collection is characterised by towering heels and bold colours.

He is working on ensuring the men's versions retain the sensibility of his brand but are still appropriate for males.

"I actually started out hand-making men's shoes for myself and for special orders for clients but before launching decided to instead launch a women's collection. It's very different in terms of silhouette and construction," he told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"There will still be my signature use of colour and architectural elements will be evident in the shapes of the uppers, the lacings and things such as contrast piping."

Although he is working on new ranges, Nicholas has a lot more he wants to achieve. He is planning to launch more stores over the coming 12 months and would also like to create a range of bags.

The star also has clear ideas of directions he doesn't want to go in. He cites "ballet pumps in beige" as his biggest idea of a footwear fail.